Another customer you want to strangle story

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Ipopsheep, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. BlackCat

    BlackCat Active Member

    It is amazing how many customers have a bad back or just had surgery when we deliver irregs.
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  2. clean hairy

    clean hairy Well-Known Member

    More frustrating is trying to get an overweight oversize to the door, and being asked to bring it inside.
    Decline and she has Junior (6'3" and quite a muscleman) come to the door to take it inside.
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  3. BigBrown87

    BigBrown87 If it’s brown, it’s going down

    Yeah had this happen at the lockers I do for a set of apartment buildings, it does piss me off I usually will say yeah when I'm done you can get your package and continue scanning. It's like in grade school first come first serve IMO.
  4. Two words: will call.
  5. iowa boy

    iowa boy Well-Known Member

    Had one a couple weeks ago where I set the 2 boxes by the back door and then knock. Person comes to door as I'm walking away and says to me, "What did you bring me? I pointed to the boxes and said, "those 2 right at your feet". Individual then says, "well, do you happen to know what's in them?" So I had to say, with a straight face, "Well, UPS no longer allows up to open up the boxes we deliver, so I really couldn't tell you what's in them." Had to turn around right away to keep the customer from seeing me laughing at them.

    That's one of the better ones if had in a while.
  6. Rack em

    Rack em 2018 Brown Cafe Fantasy Football Champion

    I have a few generic responses for those kinds of people
    "It's bars of gold"
    "Probably a kilo of coke"
    "A live kitten open it quick"
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  7. scooby0048

    scooby0048 This page left intentionally blank

    One of my biggest peeves and one that sometimes gets me in trouble due to my inability to control my mouth is when the people come outside and just stand by the door looking stupidly at me. I don't care if I have an envelope or am carrying a trampoline, if you come outside, you better be walking towards me to meet me in the middle or telling me to leave it right where I am.

    This isn't a fashion show and I don't want some meatsleeve staring at me the whole time while I carry their crap up to them. I have been "spoken" to because I get annoyed the person won't come towards me and just set the stuff down away from them and walk off.
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  8. BlackCat

    BlackCat Active Member

    I love the finger point where to put crap..

    I can guarantee that your :censored2: wont end up in the spot you pointed to.
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  9. Rack em

    Rack em 2018 Brown Cafe Fantasy Football Champion

    Happened to me a couple years ago. I was covering a route and I was carrying a 60ish pound box to a guys door. He was outside talking to his neighbor, I said hello as I walked up and he just turned and said "put it on the porch" with a not so nice tone and a quick finger point. I set it down right as he said that and walked away. I felt kind of bad because he was older, maybe 60 ish, but I don't put up with those kinds of people.
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  10. Boywondr

    Boywondr Newbie Doo

    The stressed look was them trying to memorize the contact info on the side of your package car.
  11. Rack em

    Rack em 2018 Brown Cafe Fantasy Football Champion

    Anytime I piss off a customer I give them my name and the centers number. IDGAF about complaints and I think it's cute when customers think complaining with accomplish anything. I think only one person has actually called the center, and my center manager and myself had a laugh over it.
  12. Boywondr

    Boywondr Newbie Doo

    Ours doesnt laugh.
  13. burrheadd

    burrheadd KING Of GIFS

    I used to like when they’d get pissed and want my badge number

    Just kept moving
  14. Rack em

    Rack em 2018 Brown Cafe Fantasy Football Champion

    If he won't back his drivers when the customer is in the wrong then he shouldn't be the center manager.
  15. Rack em

    Rack em 2018 Brown Cafe Fantasy Football Champion

    My badge number is 420-69 ;)
  16. Boywondr

    Boywondr Newbie Doo

    Customer rudeness begets rudness.......

    And hearing problems from the driver.
  17. olroadbeech

    olroadbeech Happy Verified UPSer

    back after the strike in 97 things were so slow I was delivering packages for awhile. had a customer like yours. she bitched about something the first 3 days . The 4th day she started to bitch and i told her "you know you can always request FedEx delivery. That left her speechless.

    sure enough i got called into the office and the on road told me i couldnt go around telling customers to use our competitor. I told him i didnt take crap from anyone . a couple days later I was back in feeder.
  18. WTFm8

    WTFm8 Active Member

    Let em in. Add to your time at the stop.

    Get on the 9.5 list and be paid to stand around and able to file on the extra time created.

    Get less stops.

    Win. Win.
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  19. Misthios

    Misthios I love my job. Don't you?

    My go to is Christmas vacation "it's your jelly of the month club subscription. It's the gift that keeps on giving."
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  20. clean hairy

    clean hairy Well-Known Member

    The Prune Juice of The Month is the gift that keeps on giving........