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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by umdemand, Jan 30, 2014.

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    i been following bc for over a year now, but i have never been active on any forums, before i get to my question i would like to add in that i started working at ups during peak, nov 14, 2011, and on my seniorty date last year in 2013 i recieved a 50 cent progression raise, so my question is will be getting that full .70 cent raise from aug 1st of last year in retro pay or will i only recive .20 cents after nov 14??
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    Welcome to BC. There are many other threads on this issue and nobody can definitively give an answer. Some say yes, some say no. I guess we will see when it passes.
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    Let's not forget the other options no one knows 100% for sure on, the main one being if we get boosted to what someone our seniority level under the new contract would be making. So I'm currently at $11 base an hour, having gotten a 50 cent raise on august 16th. So I could be looking at a 20 cent raise, a 70 cent raise, I've heard rumors of getting 25 cents from my pension too, so possibly a 95 cent raise, or a $1 raise if I'm raised up to the new contract levels. Oh and possibly a 45 cent raise if I get the pension bonus on top of the crappy 20 cent raise.

    And don't even get me started on all the possibilities if we get to my last progression raise next august before this contract is ratified, which is a 87 cent raise.
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    I can't imagine UPS would pay people their 50 cents annual raise and also pay an additional 70 once the contract is settled. I'm sure that would piss off a lot of other people under the other contract and they would perceive it as unfair. Then again it's strange that raises aren't frozen for some people under one contract, but it is for others on another one.
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    ty for the warm welcome lol n ty for the reply, my steward told me i should be getting my 50 cent plus .70 cent raise, but i been reading up on bc n ppl saying other wises
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    sorry, my buddy and co worker of mine got his .99 cent raise after his four yrs
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    People in progression don't get the regular advertised yearly raises.
    It's called a two tier wage system, and companies love it cause they can pay you less for doing the same job that the guy next to you is doing