Any one have one of these in your area?

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by Lobofan5, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Lobofan5

    Lobofan5 New Member

    Just wondering if anyone has a giant 'figure' in your neck of the woods..

    We for example have a GIANT CANDLE building close by..that is purple and has a fake flame atop it...

    Always nice to give directions.."when you get to the giant candle turn right...."
  2. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    We have this close by. The Gemini Giant, Wimlington IL.

  3. jds4lunch

    jds4lunch What the hell is YOUPS??

    Up here we have the "twin towers" downtown.
  4. DiadDude

    DiadDude Active Member

    How about the "Shoe House" in Hellam, PA (near Lancaster)
  5. scratch

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    We have "The Big Chicken" in nearby Marietta, Ga. Its now a KFC resturant, the building is shaped like a giant chicken and the beak opens and closes. The eyes used to roll around, I don't know if they still do.
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  6. Cementups

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    In the town I deliver in, I give directions by "the stop sign." whne they ask how far to the stop sign, I just tell them to trust me, it's the only one you'll come to.
  7. tiegirl

    tiegirl tiegirl

    Yes, Gaffney SC Any one have one of these in your area?


    Yes, in Gaffney SC, there is huge peach visiable off of HWY 85 heading into Charlotte. NC. Wish I had a picture.:thumbup1:
  8. toonertoo

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    There is a giant teapot in E liverpool Oh which represents it to be the pottery capital of the world. Hall, Homer Laughling, Sebring China, all from the clay of the Ohio River, all on the river.

    Austinburg Ohio, has the worlds largest rocking chair.
    Longaberger Baskets has a Giant basket, which is the entrance to the headquarters.

    Lake City Pa also has a large spaceship, for an alien sighting in the 70s, at Elk Creek park.
  9. psyclone

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    Re: Yes, Gaffney SC Any one have one of these in your area?

    A couple pics of the err.. peach here.
  10. browned_out

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    :thumbup1: One of the beach communities here on the West Coast has this: Carpentaria, California
  11. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    In Cabazon (CA.) we have huge concrete dinosaurs.
  12. dillweed

    dillweed Well-Known Member

    All we have near our center is a factory that stinks. :crying:
  13. Chnandler Bong

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  14. BottomFeeder

    BottomFeeder New Member

    Up here in Boston, we have the "Big Frig"....Oh, I mean "Big DIG".
    The new tunnels do make it easier to get around... and around... and around to and from the airport.

    We also have Big Ted... Big Papi... and HAD Big Tuna.

    Big Balls, however, is still in New York City!

    FInally, we have the Big Oak Tree... but they cut it down 85 years ago... but if you're lost you can still, "bear left where the Big Oak Tree Use'ta be"... but only if you know where it was!
  15. Lobofan5

    Lobofan5 New Member

    I've been to those, I used to live in San Diego and would drive by them on the way to Palm Desert.

    Interesting gift shop.
  16. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    In the center of the town I deliver in, there is a statue. Millions of tourists have their picture taken with this statue. However.......the statue is NOT who they think it is.....

    I can't tell you more because it would compromise my anonymity...