Any Tampa natives?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by JayRock, Mar 30, 2007.

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    so im a 4 year vet of this great company of ours. and im looking to transfer in the fall to go off to big college. i was looking towards USF in Tampa. if anyone from tampa could give me some advice about the center there. i guess all UPS's are the same, but just wondering if it was overly bad or maybe fairly nice to work there. i'd like to get on the pre-load since i've worked that shift since i've been here. i've done all the jobs in the building, unload, load, sort, and currently SPA/DA so i dont mind what i do.. just wondering what its like there. oh ya, and how to get to the building. thanks for any help

  2. ja4079

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    Don't much about the Tampa center but our son is graudating from USF this May! A great school. Thanks to UPS scholarship he made it without any debt!!
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    This is very common, particularly for those their managing money right. I completed my undergrad degree with ZERO debt, entirely because of UPS's Earn and Learn. I'm in grad school now because I had no debt to service from undergrad. I quit UPS to transfer schools for my undergrad, by the way. I'm back with UPS now. Life's ironic. -Rocky
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    No but I got off I4 by mistake once in Tampa and I was afraid for my life.
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    I`m in the area and there are a few UPS`s in Tampa. USF is where Sami Al Arian taught, look him up on google.