Anyone else get ugly new package cars ?

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  1. These things have been coming in on flatbeds, 3 at a time.. We've got probably 20-30 of them in the center now. The inside is standard ups issue, no fans, a/c, radio, etc. Not that I was epecting anything, but I can hope. Some summer days it's over 100 down here, with humidity approaching 80-90% it's the heat that makes it miserable. I completely saturate several uniforms a day to the point that I'm dripping all over packages. The back of the truck is down right unbearable, people from outside the truck feel the heat when you open the bulkhead door. Than you have the ass hats in the center that can't load the truck right.

    They've eliminated the upper grab handle, and only the lower grab handle remains. I almost fell out reaching for the old upper handle. It has the workhorse wheel, seat, dash, etc... They're P-10's, all gas, still using the GM 6.0 motor. Sensors on the rear door, bulkhead door, seatbelt, seat itself, etc.... The new trucks are now actively communicating with the diad. It tallys up every time the truck rolls without a seatbelt on. Going to take some getting used to, since I start the truck, hit the hand brake, pull the seatbelt on and pull away all at the same time.
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    We got one in our center, but i think it is a p12.
    It's quiet.
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    Not having the upper handle is a safety issue. Not good at all. We cannot use three point contact when UPS does not give us a handle to use.
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    Last Monday, I just got a new Workhorse P-700, gas V-8 and it is the cat's meow. It's quiet, quick, and comfy. It even has 6 choices for a color on the backlight to the gauges. The heat works so good I have to open the window to keep from getting too warm. God really threw some favor down to me on this one!
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    Those sure are shiny. A few trips up and down a long narrow driveway lined with brush and overhanging tree branches should take care of that.
  6. We've had the gas workhorse P-7's for about a year now. I liked mine for the brief time I had it
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    "The new trucks are now actively communicating with the DIAD..."

    I wonder what they are talking about?
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    Is that the seatbelt thing?
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    Yes which has nothing to do with the DIAD.
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    Maybe it's a conspiracy of the technology to hide the socks...

    I haven't a clue either.
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    You would like to think somewhere someone let the drivers in on the design/setup decisions. As for the big brother comm thing, pretty much any place any company can do stuff like that they do nowadays.
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    The only thing ugly about them is that they are painted brown.
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    yes, i have one- - great heat a pig on gas. Comfy seats
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    If you think it's ugly don't worry about it you didn't buy it and you aren't bringing it home. If your worried about what the chicks are going to think don't, they will still like the man in brown no matter how ugly the package car is.

    Can we all say AUTOMATIC
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    show me what you consider a sexy UPS truck-----they are all ugly
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    It's hard to explain but I'll give it a try. The truck has gps as well as the board also. It measures the distance the board goes away from the truck to calculate the delivery point or if you are taking the board with you as per methods.
  18. The way it was described to us. If the truck moves whatsoever before the seatbelt is buckled it will know. If the truck is running, or the diad is moving with the bulkhead door open, it knows. And soon it will generate those numbers on a report which we'll start seeing like the ops report, multiple scan, no scan, reports etc....
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    Welcome to TELEMATICS!!!!!
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    I love telematics it makes an average joe like me look like a perfect superstar.