Anyone know of any good footwear?


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I wear Doc Martens .. they are comfortable. I bought them as I did the driver helper and still wear them while I sort. I bought them on recommendation from a driver friend. They are pricey I paid $85.00 for them.


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I've worn Docs for Loading, tried using them for driving, first pair was great
second pair I had problems with(same size/model) Ever since DocM stopped
making the shoes in england, the quality has suffered.. I decided to get a pair
of Timberline boots more like a brown leather sneaker/hiker... very nice..
and much lighter than the docs... Another recommendation is get a good
set of orthodics... orthodics aren't just for people with bad feet.. get a full
foot ortho and you'll swear you've only been on your feet for a fraction of the time.


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I wear all black New Balance athletic shoes in the summer. I used to wear DM's. While they are comfortable and long lasting, I find them to be a little on the heavy side for driving all day. In the winter I wear the same New Balance shoes, but with NEO's brand overshoes. They are light and water-proof. About the greatest thing ever for someone in our line of work.


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Wolverines with Durashocks. Not cheap either but have lasted me longer than any Redwing product.

Had the wolverines too, bottoms kept splitting though, like a defect or something, so I switched to red wings. Most comfortable boot I have ever worn!! paid about 120 dollars, worth every penny....


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Maybe I'm old but I love my Rockports.

Yes, you're old.

I tried Rockports as my very first pair of shoes as a driver on the recommendation of the training supervisors. They blew out in about 2 weeks. I'm sure it doesn't help that I am a big guy, but for the price they should have lasted longer.

My next show will probably be....

Our bosses have become very understanding on how hard it is to find a completely black or brown polishable leather shoe so we tend to slide by with a lot.

My newest winter boots are these Nike ACG boots:

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I've had many different pairs boots and shoes I think the best pair of shoes I've had were from the walking company and they were Eccos. The best pair of boots I have for the winter are 5.11 tactical's which I bought from a police supply store and they are like walking on air all day. I think I paid 120 but they're well worth the money when working 5 days over 10.


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I wear Rocky Eliminator 2.2 for winter. Extremely light and thinsulate insulation with Gortex lining.

Summer-Rocky walkers, also very light and best of all, Made in America


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I bought a pair of Dr. Scholls before returned them that was a pair of tennis shoes.
You will have to give an update on how your doggies feel tomorrow!


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Those Nike Acg Boots look too good to be worn to work. Can you tell me how long before they can get "broken" in... Also, Police Tactical "High-Tops " are great all weather shoes, but still not strong enough to handle the kind of everyday wear and tear of a UPS pkg driver.