Anyone know what to expect regarding mgmt raises?

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  1. We'resupposed to be getting raises this month but we haven't heard any details. Not much chance it will make up for no raises last year I'm sure. By withholding raises last year they screwed us every year until we leave the company. If they only wanted to screw us once they could have just reduced MIP a little. Pretty clever of them, eh?
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    If you don't like it or could get a better opportunity you could always leave the company. Thats the line the hourlies get when we whine.

    All I know know is no other company in the world is going to pay me this much to move boxes. Its my guess no other company is going to pay you a similair wage to supervise people moving boxes. If it wasn't the case you would leave and work for a software company for more money.

    I'm not ashamed to say if they froze my wages for 5 years I would still drive for UPS.

    SWORDFISH New Member

    You didnt hear? Scott Davis took all the money that was divided up to go out to all of management. He then added it up and then merged it w/ his salary. So he decided that he gets your raise this year. Sorry your out of luck.
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    I hear mgt is getting a sleeve of UPS golf balls in support of Lee Westwood.
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    I don't think any of us are in this for the money.
    I heard a 10 grand bonus but, again, salary frozen for another year.
    I could be wrong.
    After taxes, about 6 grand. Not to bad.
  6. pretzel_man

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    Average raise is 2.5%
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    Pretzel_man hit it right on the nose......
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...he usually does.
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    Not disagreeing with Pretzel but many in my area were closer to 1.25% average with some getting less then 1%. Two people got $30 per month raise. Highest raise in my group of 10 was 1.5%.
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    I'm positive that the average raise was 2.5%. I double checked the MIS calculations. The only exceptions are people who are above the maximum pay for their grade. They bring zero dollars into the pool.

    I know lots of people that got $30 or $50. I know lots that got a decent raise. Overall the average was 2.5% (with the above exception).

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    Yep, confirm here as well that average was 2.5%. Thats what the company wide 2010 budget for management raises was. Thats not to say you wont get 0%, or wont get 10%, but the entire pot available is 2.5% of what current management makes.

    Most of the ones in my group were sub 2%, with a couple being above 3%.
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    Actually, each Division received 2.5% of the combined salaries of all personnel in the Division sans DM.
    The "Average" is not 2.5%, but I know that is an easy way to describe the amount.
    In my Div, some got 3+, and some got a step closer to the door.

    Side note: In today's environment, one would be very foolish to think that UPS is the same "last resume you'll ever need" company that it used to be. Sad, but true.
  13. Dragon

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    2% - guess I was lucky......but I am going in tomorrow morning and working towards the MIP factor...
  14. Red Rose Tea

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    We were told 2.5% across the board irregardless of what your QPR rating was.
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    Our management team must be waiting for a raise (carrot) dangling in front of their noses. They have been the most sour, badgering, threatening bunch I've seen in many years.
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    Browniehound posted possibly the best advice on this thread. I always brought the annual national inflation rates with me to my annual salary "review". My manager was usually blown away that someone was educated enough to follow this. I always received an above expectations rating, but my raise only surpassed inflation 2 times: 2002 and 2003. Last year when no raise was given and inflation was over 3 I read the writing on the wall and left the company. I got a 25K a year raise and work in much better conditions..

    In case you are wondering, here's inflation broken down by year and month since 2000:

    2010 2.63% 2.14% 2.31% 2009 0.03% 0.24% -0.38% -0.74% -1.28% -1.43% -2.10% -1.48% -1.29% -0.18% 1.84% 2.72% -0.34% 2008 4.28% 4.03% 3.98% 3.94% 4.18% 5.02% 5.60% 5.37% 4.94% 3.66% 1.07% 0.09% 3.85% 2007 2.08% 2.42% 2.78% 2.57% 2.69% 2.69% 2.36% 1.97% 2.76% 3.54% 4.31% 4.08% 2.85% 2006 3.99% 3.60% 3.36% 3.55% 4.17% 4.32% 4.15% 3.82% 2.06% 1.31% 1.97% 2.54% 3.24% 2005 2.97% 3.01% 3.15% 3.51% 2.80% 2.53% 3.17% 3.64% 4.69% 4.35% 3.46% 3.42% 3.39% 2004 1.93% 1.69% 1.74% 2.29% 3.05% 3.27% 2.99% 2.65% 2.54% 3.19% 3.52% 3.26% 2.68% 2003 2.60% 2.98% 3.02% 2.22% 2.06% 2.11% 2.11% 2.16% 2.32% 2.04% 1.77% 1.88% 2.27% 2002 1.14% 1.14% 1.48% 1.64% 1.18% 1.07% 1.46% 1.80% 1.51% 2.03% 2.20% 2.38% 1.59% 2001 3.73% 3.53% 2.92% 3.27% 3.62% 3.25% 2.72% 2.72% 2.65% 2.13% 1.90% 1.55% 2.83% 2000

    3.45% 3.45% 3.45% 3.39% 3.38%

  17. Just Numbers

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    I appreciate that you are usually right on the money with your facts! You offer an insight into what many of us do not see or understand. You brought up a point that I think is a serious problem at UPS....please let me know if I'm wrong. I've had a couple of sups in the past decade (very, very good sups who got thing done) who seemed to have been given minimal raises due to the fact they were at top scale already for their job catagory. I think they mentioned something about a "bell curve" (it was a while ago so I'm not sure). The point is should an effective supervisor be bastardized for his/her success because of where they are at on the pay scale and given a minimual raise? Would this not lead to a dis-interested, ineffective sup?
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    Of course it leads to that. All I can think of is that the really high ups at UPS figure it doesnt matter if they are dis-interested/ineffective. If they are ineffective they will simply fire them and hire someone who they can pay less.
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    Nope, each department (Div Mgr group) was given an amount of money to give for raises. If the total monthly salary for a group is $100,000 Let's just assume 20 people each making $5,000 per month to make the math easy in the example. Then the department has $2500 in raises to give out for those 20 people or $125 per month, per person. So if what Red Rose Tea heard was correct, that's what each person would get. However, what can and will happen is the higher performers can and will get more then this average. But it means that the low performers will get less then this average. So one person may get 175 or 3.5% while another person gets 75 or 1.5%.

    SWORDFISH New Member

    My OCS got a very small raise so he must have been in the bent over category.