Apples to Apples Please, Mr Smith

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    It's really funny that Fred Smith is still trying to sell Congress that FedEx is an "Express Carrier" continuing to deserve a special exemption status. Perhaps that was true 35 years ago when the original Federal Express had a handful of Falcon jets and a few hundred delivery vehicles. It certainly is not true today.

    The FedEx of today is no longer an "Express Carrier". It is a systems integrator, just like UPS. Both companies have numerous operating divisions and provide the same types of services through those various operational arms. We have FedEx Freight, FedEx LTL etc.,and UPS has it's own equivalent service.

    To consider FedEx as still being what it used to be is an apples to oranges comparison that is no longer valid given the vast structural changes to the original Federal Express business model.

    It's very revealing to analyze the reasoning behind Fred's latest attempt to thwart the end of the exemption...the Boeing blackmail deal. In internal communications, Fred's puppet, Dave Bronczek, is saying that FedEx will cancel the Boeing order because the FedEx business model will be forever changed if the RLA exemption is removed. BUT, FedEx will still purchase Airbus aircraft. How is that, Dave? If FedEx is so "harmed" by the potential unionization, how could they possibly afford to buy anyone's airplanes?A fundamental reasoning flaw that reveals the lie that this whole blackmail deal really is. **********. Go ahead and keep this game up. Buy European, and do your best to pit the Teamsters against the AIM. All you've really done is reveal to the world what an opportunistic, greedy ************you are...especially to your employees.
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    Can I tell Mr Smith to go to H-E "double toothpicks"? Or how about "Phillips-Head" you, Fred!! I'm trying to stay nice, and "slot-head" you is pretty tame.
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    It's funny that Airbus is unionized....
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    Excellent post MrF.E. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.
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    Airbus is unionized but those union workers don't vote for US Congressmen and Senators.
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    The point is that Smith is a hypocrite. Mr. Right Wing super patriot anti-union capitalist hero threatens to buy his airplanes from the socialist French and will not buy American if he can't keep his special deal to keep his people non-union.

    Fred Smith is a lot like Micheal Jackson. No, he doesn't keep his nose in a jar at the side of his bed, but they're a lot alike. Both have inordinate influence due to their immense wealth and fame. Jackson should be rotting in prison because he's a child molestor. Smith should also probably be in prison for all his political shenanigans, but he's not. Our justice and political systems favor the rich.
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    Smith has always been a wannabe, jealous of UPS. People are finally seeing through him and his bs. He deserved a C on the term paper, maybe a C-.
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    •An airline ..........
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    FedEx is a systems integrator, just like UPS. Both corporations own a number of divisions that provide different types of service to shippers. In the package divisions, both companies provide essentialy identical services using identical methods.
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    On the one hand, I would like to see the RLA amended, but on the other..... While Fred is spending time and money, lobbying, we are spending our money getting accounts. Duplicate networks is expensive, let it continue. We keep quite a few shippers because they do not want to deal with 2 or 3 FedEx drivers.

    I wonder sometimes if UPS plants the seeds for stuff like this and somewhere, someone is laughing and all the energy being wasted on this.

    I really believe that if the RLA is amended, FedEx could (key word COULD) be an even, tougher competitor.

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    Finally someone gets it! FedEx could emerge from this a much leaner operation, with a similar business model to ours, with 1 salesman as opposed to 2 or 3, 1 driver as opposed to 2, 3 or even 4. Yes, they will have to increase their wages, and in turn their prices, but a reduced number of drivers may offset those increases. FedEx is not going anywhere but will bear little resemblance to what they are now.
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    That even assumes FedEx does unionize. Lots of people seem to think that the RLA gets amended and FedEx goes union the next day. I'd bet that it takes a year before the 1st terminal has a vote and another year for a contract after that.

    How long have the Teamsters been working on UPS Freight???? and that is unopposed by the company.

    I kind of like watching FedEx twist in the wind and a part of me hopes the RLA is not amended, so we can watch the whole drama in another 5 years.

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    Fedex is not an Ailrine,everyone knows that.Just cuz u have a few planes,doenst mean you are an airling.UPS has some planes to.
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    Thought I'm not hot on his anti-union rhetoric, Chuck Muth has some good information on his site
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    ahh, mungrin, the pride of big brown.
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    I wonder how strong Fred's threat against Boeing is now... with another Airbus going down last night?
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    the only problem with calling it blackmail is that this stipulation was in the contract when the order was first negotiated. so all parties werre privy to this possibility. so fred has placed himself in a position to not only get out of the boeing deal, but negotiate one hell of a deal with both companies. if the rla exemption is lifted, fred can walk away from boeing and may buy from airbus, or renegotiate the deal with boeing--that my friends, whether you agree with it or not, show brilliant business foresight. basically fred has engineered himself into yet another no lose situation.