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    Just wondering if anyone has news on the latest about the parcel workers of america.
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    No, tell me all about it.
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    Check their website. I took a quick look and the first thing I saw was a newsletter dated Nov 2008.
    Perhaps they've given up.
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    They`re campaigning to take over the 2727.
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    Local2727 could only be taken over by AMFA (never) or IAM (never) but the IBT has treated us with support for the industry leading contract in the Aviation world. We will have to stay with the IBT for support of a strike, just as we shut down the airline in '97.
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    OH GOD!!!! You had to mention the A word!!!!
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    They'll send you a monthly newsletter by email if you sign up for it at their website.

    Here's the latest issue . . .


    Our pension is really the most important single thing we work for; that is to retire at a reasonable age and enjoy life’s pleasures before we die. Our insurance is important also; it keeps the medical bills from bankrupting us.

    Today this newsletter concerns something that is just as important to all of us. The purpose of having a union is to have a united front that keeps the employer from mistreating any of their employees. We all know that is this is not happening today and there is not excuse for it. All of us work very hard for the money we are paid. There is no reason that we should have to put up with the harassment that the company directs towards us. Even sadder is the fact that the union stands idly by and allows this to happen.

    The bottom line is we need a union that will do what it is paid to do; which is stand up for their people and uphold the contract. It is so obvious that the Teamsters are in the company’s back pocket; neither even attempts to hide it now. We all know people that the Teamsters have sold out. Remember all employees that are terminated have to have at least one of their so called union brothers vote against them! Will you be the next person that is sold out to the company? How do you know? More importantly why the hell put up with this nonsense. We need a union that is embedded in honor, integrity and justice for ALL their people. Can you say that the Teamsters have integrity or that they are honest? They can’t even spell justice!

    Look at how the contract is ignored. It is written in black and white but according to the Teamster’s it is open to interpretation. How can this be? The IBT keeps making more and more concessions to UPS. When will it stop? This so called greatest contract ever is so very dangerous to the employees that it is funny. Let’s face it the Teamsters are nothing more than a collective group of snakes that only want to sit on their butts and collect your hard earned money for nothing.

    You can have the greatest union known to mankind if you only want it. Look at the help you get it comes from your shop stewards; the ones that have honor, integrity and want justice for all. This is where your union will come from. This is what the APWA was founded from. We created the APWA so that if we do not do what we commit to do you have an avenue to throw our lazy butts out. No more union officials playing golf with the company; no more deals to sell employees to the company and no more lying to you while stealing your hard earned money.

    We have the people in place. You have some of the best legal minds in the country working for you. Most important you have the very best employees in the company that will fight to the gates of hell for you. It takes money to get this done. We will not start the effort again without proper funding; this is the only reason the Teamsters are in power today. Why not make a difference today? All it takes is a little bit of money and some of your time.

    Ever heard the expression you get what you pay for? Or, you get the justice you deserve? What do you deserve? What are you willing to pay for? Are you getting the “bang for your buck” from your union dues? Hit the delete button. Do nothing; you’ll continue to get what you’ve always gotten. Accept what you have now. OR, step up and demand more from someone who is willing and able to deliver.

    APWA. Never have so few done so much with so little. Envision what the possibilities are if you and your friends get on board. There are no limits. We can have what we want, need and deserve. You may think this job too overwhelming. We do not. We are convinced that with 3 to 5 committed people in every center group we can win this battle. Is there any way that you think 5 people is too overwhelming?

    Danny E Eason
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    It's a group founded by some ups fellas down in the southeast, primarily because they were upset with the mismanagement of their pension. It's supposed to offer an alternative to the Teamsters/Hoffa for ups hourlies.
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    Group would be giving them to much credit now wouldn't it? I'm no Hoffa fan but neither of these 2 NON TEAMSTER upsers could do any better. They send out news letters and ask for money, who's really making out on this? Danny and Van, they receive the money that has been sent to them!