Are mail in ballots the only way to vote on our contract?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by brown_trousers, Feb 21, 2013.

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    It seems to me that we could get an abundance of union participation if we let our BAs and/or shop stewards collect votes right outside the security gates at work, or even in the parking lots. The "snail mail" system of voting doesn't seem to inspire much participation, within our union, or even in government elections. We could have our union agents carry around one of those metal ballot drop boxes in their trunks and hand out ballots to anyone that can show identification.

    I'd bet we could get a whole lot more voter turnout that way!
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    I think that the reason that they use the mail-in ballots is that they are carefully controlled so that the voting is fair with only union members voting, and voting only once. The ballots are mailed only to union members who must use the prescribed return envelope to identify their ballot as legitimate. This type of union vote comes under federal regulations to ensure that they are fair and impartial. If ballots were distributed and collected on site, it would be very difficult to control who was voting and how many times.

    Voting by mail is very easy. (I wish that we could vote by mail in the state and national political elections.)

    The Union mails the contract ballot to your home and even provides a postage-paid envelope in which to return the ballot. I never understood why an employee would not bother to vote on the contract.
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    I thought of this a little bit. Especially with the pt'ers who are notorious for not voting . Have a mail box of some sort at the gate on appointed days and give coupons out for something burgers ,sandwiches,etc. maybe t shirts . No influence at the point of voting just a small incentive to vote. Bring you sealed vote and get a burger.
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    free cell phones might work better........