Are there any OMS/PCS out there?

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  1. brown_OMS_2008

    brown_OMS_2008 OMS/PCS..which 1?

    I have been an OMS for UPS for 4 years and was wondering what was the salary/percentage of raise for other OMS.
    Us, OMS's, work hard, dealing with you drivers!:happy2: And I don't think I'm getting paid enough, even though the pay is good, it should be more for the job.

    I'm @ 807.50 every 15th and 26th... after 4 yrs and only get a $720/yr raise.
  2. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    How can you live on that? :speechless2:my mortgage is more than that...then theres property tax,hydro,car+ins,cable,phone,heat and AC ...$3500
    a month is hard to get by on,are you living with your mom?
  3. brown_OMS_2008

    brown_OMS_2008 OMS/PCS..which 1?

    No, amazingly I have my own apartment (built in 2005) and a 2006 Impala SS. I take on temporary jobs when I need extra money, which is about 3 times a yr for about 1 month each. I also just closed on a house so UPS is good for something but I NEED MORE MONEY!! LOL :angry:
  4. rod

    rod retired and happy

    you could always sell your blood or sperm (or soul):happy2:
  5. brown_OMS_2008

    brown_OMS_2008 OMS/PCS..which 1?

    That's funny because a co-worker sells her plasma every week for $40! And then there are the other workers that sell their "soul" by kissing up to the manager...I'll have to look into that!! :angel2:
  6. longlunchguy

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    Don't sell your soul, that's how our center manager got his job.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I have a suggestion to lighten your work load--stop sending out the same messages day after day after day... We know how to do our jobs and don't need daily reminders to do our jobs. Believe it or not, we were actually able to do our jobs before ODS. Also, don't make promises to customers w/o checking with driver first. I love it when you tell a customer that they can meet me at a certain time and THEN send me a message asking me to meet the customer at that time when I will be nowhere near there at that time nor do I want to to sit and wait for a customer to show up when I could be out doing my job. Don't tell the customer that I will make a second delivery attempt when my route doesn't take me anywhere near that location again during the day. Don't tell the customer that I will pick up a pkg for RTS when that customer has already opened the pkg. Don't replay the PCM for me during the day--this is probably the most annoying. Don't send out messages of an informational nature response required. DO alert me to changing traffic conditions, road closures, accidents, operational changes, and other issues directly related to my job. Don't caution me that Keter is in the bldg and that I should do all of the things that I am already doing on a daily basis. In other words, you should assume that I am not a 2nd grader, that I am able to think on my own, and that I have the training and experience to do my job without your constant "guidance".
  8. looper804

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    We don't have that problem anymore.OMS is not allowed to set up meet point for on street deliveries.Also,why would you wait for the customer to show up.You said where you were going to be.If the customer can't get there in time then just keep moving.It's their problem,not yours.
  9. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    What Upstate said :thumbup:

    If you are anything like our #1 OMS, you may as well sell your soul, you've already sold half of it when you became the mouth (text) piece of the hiding management.
  10. brown_OMS_2008

    brown_OMS_2008 OMS/PCS..which 1?

    There are some drivers that just don't get it so I have to constantly send them messages. I don't often set up meet points because I don't like dealing with the customer and then the driver, I usually set up a SDWC. The only messages that I send out that would possbily annoy someone is my daily "what time will u be in clean and off the clock, and will u be over 10.5" and occassional "Please clean your diad boards tonight, cold and flu season is here, wipe the germs off."
    I think it's necessary to inform the drivers of the audit, I know I'm glad that they tell me before I come in because I have to answer the questions too and not everyday i'm on my p's and q's. Some drivers are and I understand that, but there could be 3 or 4 drivers that just don't get it, so I don't want to single them out, so everybody gets the same message with no response required.:peaceful:
  11. brown_OMS_2008

    brown_OMS_2008 OMS/PCS..which 1?

    My drivers love me!:wink2: Whenever the are directed to do something I always add the driver supervisors name who told them to do something. But sometimes the sups aren't there but I have a great relationship with most of the drivers so they reluctantly agree and say their doing it for me! I call most of my drivers when I need something, and they call me on my cell rather than call the office and risking speaking to the center manager or driver sup. It's all about me anyways.
  12. DorkHead

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    Quit your whining. You`re already overpaid in a job that`s not even needed. Do everyone a favor and head towards the door.
  13. brown_OMS_2008

    brown_OMS_2008 OMS/PCS..which 1?

    Then who's going to send you help when you are whining? I see why you have the name DorkHead
  14. DorkHead

    DorkHead Active Member

    Let`s see. I`ve got along for 20 yrs. without the service of your unnecessary job. Quit acting like you`re every driver`s saviour. This company has operated for 90 something yrs without your position, and with the new CEO being a previous financial officer, your position will most likely be one of the first to get eliminated when he starts trimming the fat from management.
  15. brown_OMS_2008

    brown_OMS_2008 OMS/PCS..which 1?

    I doubt that will happen but we will see, but by that time I will be out of that job anyway.:peaceful:
  16. scratch

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    I doubt that the OMS position will be eliminated too. When I started driving in the eighties, the Center Manager used to stay in the office and answer the phone. They quit doing that a long time ago, they just come in a deal with the Division Manager on that early morning conference call. My AM OMS comes in and fixes the DIAD Board problems, prints out the RS and Time labels, pulls Will Calls, and takes the phone calls. The PM OMS deals with driver call-ins and closes out the Center. The center manager or Sups don't do things like that.