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    Does anyone else have a problem with the tires on their UPS car? I drive a freightliner diesel, automatic, power steering. Love the automatic and powersteering. The truck shakes so bad between 48, and 60 MPH, I can't see out of the mirrors, or back up monitor. The mechanic has tried several things to fix the problem. He had it sent to a larger center to replace one of the drive shafts, but still no good. Front tires, back tires etc, still shakes. He replaced one front tire that kept loosing air, that helped a little, but it started back in with the shakes. When the mechanic replaces the rear tires, the truck is scarey dangerous, until they get grooved back in (about two weeks). I really have my hands full on the back curvey roads for a while. The truck rattles, shakes, leaks water, wipers don't turn off sometimes, fuel gauge goes from full, to empty, and anywhere between, and the fuel light and beeper constantly are going on and off, drivers door has a really annoying clicking noise that will only stop if I jam a stick in it to wedge it open. The mechanic "can't figure it out" With only 87000 miles on it, what a piece of junk! I stopped writing it up, because I am afraid they will replace it with one of the old 500's. I think UPS can do better.
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    I have a 2006 P70D with 88K miles on it. The tires only last about 22K miles on them, it didn't matter with the new tires that came on it or the recaps since. Your Fuel Gauge sounds like mine, the Sending Unit in the Fuel Tank is probably bad. The shaking on yours is unacceptable though. Have they done a front end alignment on it? If it shakes so bad that it is unsafe to drive, then write it up in the DVIR.
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    Years ago, when covering an area, I was in the guys P600. Almost everytime you would get up to 50mph the thing would start shaking. They told me to try and finish out the day in it. Which I reluctantly did. When the guy got back from vacation, I asked him about it. "Oh, that" he said "just let go of the steering wheel when it happens." .............yeah, right!!

    I'm not sure what kind of driving tests (if any) are performed with these vehicles prior to ordering them. I'm guessing it's a ride down a four lane highway. No bumps, hills, potholes, etc. The worst I ever seen from the time they were brand new was the GMC P500s. Those things were (are) deathtraps from day one. They're still rolling them things over from time to time.
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    Drove a P600 years ago that would change lanes multiple times, no steering wheel needed!
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    I drive the same truck and I used to get that shimmy also. My mechanic told me that there were issues from the factory with the wheel bearings not being adjusted properly. I just got new tires on mine the other day and he serviced he bearings and it drives just fine now.
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    Same thing happened to me, but it was a P500, but only on the highway.
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    Your issues are all valid. But a little off the subject. Just be glad your not a Fed-Ex Ground driver. They have to pay for all problems with there vehicles not to mention Gas. I talk to the Fed-Ex guy on my route and he's always having problems with his package car. Always has to put his in the shop and pay for a rental. Like I said, Your issues are valid but trust me, Things could be worst.
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    are the ups trucks sold axles in the rear? sounds like you have axle wrap and causes you to get a death wobble as we call it in the 4x4 comunity
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    No they are open diffs....not even a limited slip.
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