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    In our HUB we just had a young man pulled in the office for posting something on his facebook page about his pay check at UPS. He was told that he would be let go if he ever posted anything about UPS again. The bad thing is the union has done nothing about this issue at all. The area BA was told about this was going to happen time and time again by 2 ex-stewards who would fight and place their butts on the line everyday for people they did not know. Now those stewards are no longer helping the employees with update information about how to fight these kinds of issues. These two ex-stewards would talk to the BA's about building a web-site for the local, but were told buy BA the only thing he needed was his paper note book and he was not going to learn how to use a computer. I did not see this as so and told the the two stewards this. Well I found out the hard way. I placed my faith in a steward who did not know his butt from :censored2: in the ground. Lets just say Im full time and these two ex-stewards are part-time. So I heard they were not going to be stewards anymore I did go to one of them and tell them how sorry I was and needed to help. The one I went to had not resigned at that time yet. They just smailed at me stated it is ok sometimes you have to find out for yourself but I will help you. They did and 1 hour later the Supervisor came and stated he was sorry all the info was not given to him. This ex-steward did take the time to investigate the info and get the correct info from back cases and from other wed sites and the info saved me from a lot of hard tiimes. I know this has nothing to so with the young man who posted stuff, but this may not have happen if the young man had the tools to fight and not feel like he could not talk to others about this. I did talk to the ex-steward about this issue and they stated how is posting on his facebook page any differant then the driver or a UPS employee interviewed in the New York Times about safey and pay issues. I just wanted others who I know post here and they are from my building. You have lost two great stewards who are very well educated, not just about the Union, but in their personal lives as well. I would like to say the two ex-stewards thank you for all the hard work you did for over 10 years and you will be missed. I know many of the full time feeders and packages drivers are very upset that you are no longer there for the employees, but they understand you had no backing from the local union. I was amazed to find out what these two ex-stewards do in at there fulltime jobs. Lets just say they are truly very intelligent. You will be missed and I have a feeling if the young man had you there this would not have go on the way it did. You think of the issues before they happen and tried to plan ahead with our BA's two years ago but they did not listen to your wisdom. Now, everyone in our HUB is fearful to come here or facebook to post anything at all. You will be missed more then you know. I know at times you felt you felt on one cared about what you had to do, but one thing I know many of us did was stand outside those doors and listen to what was stated so just in case you needed us to help you as a witness. Yes we did do this for you and you did not know until it was to let. That is why we now must stand up in our HUB and take it back and let you know we have your back. We should have told you this a long time ago. WE should have listen to you. We wanted you to run for the BA this fall but we did not let you know this until it was too late, for this we are sorry and I'm speaking for many when I say this. We did not know what we had until it was gone, if any way possible that you will come back we will do anything to help, this is not coming from the part timers, this is coming from the full timers, all of us. Will you come back? If not we understand, ex-stewards I know you post here and will read this so please think about it. We are feed up and we want you back, but i know it is too late. One reason for this posting is to SAY THANK U, and we do mean this. WE heard you and now we are the ones that must step into the door you left wide open for us to fight and we are going to and so take a load off ex-stewards, if you don't come back we have two feet and you can rest now. THANK YOU FOR SO MUCH, "IT IS NOT ABOUT FULL-TIME AND PART-TIME IS IS ABOUT THE TEATMENT OF ONE THAT SHOWS HOW ALL WILL BE TREATED IF YOU DON'T STAND AND BE HEARD." by one of the ex-stward. Words for all us to live by at UPS. Please forgive any misspelling typing from my phone.
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    No offense but that is one massive ramble to be typing on a phone. I had no idea that UPS even checks facebook pages to see what everyone is up to. They do of course have everyone's information that they can perform searches on if they really wanted to, but I would assume that is an invasion of privacy to some extent. You would do yourself a world of good to make your facebook page private, even if you don't intend on posting UPS related content. Just a word to the wise.

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    He probably has co-workers on his facebook, and they like to chat.... and eventually it makes it to the sups.....
    For that reason, try not to put co workers or customers on your fb, or atleast only those that you 100% trust.
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    My wife and I used to have a FB page together, but I took my name off of it so its all hers now, so I have no connection to social media at all anymore. And you know what, I don't miss it at all.
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    If you register with, they have your computer's address. They can track a lot of things with that. Why people post on Facebook, when we are all too aware of the dark side of it, is beyond me. Facebook is a very dangerous addiction that some people have. Of course, if I did use Facebook, I can only imagine how often I would be in the office. A lot more than I ever was, I am sure of that!! Friday night drunk posting how psyco susie did this or that! Damn mechanic was too busy sniffing paint to fix my seat, again!! That OMS needs to have her cell surgically removed from her hand, so she will stop fighting with her boyfriend and answer the damn phone!! Thank, God, I don't use facebook. LOL!! "Them Sons-a-bitches" as one of my co-workers would say!!! LOL!!
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, DDB. Good warning, but also remember Brown Cafe is social media as well.

    Watch what you post here too, everyone!
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    THE TEAMSTERS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. When you are on your personal time at home, the TEAMSTERS have nothing to do with your actions as a private citizen.

    However, UPS can monitor postings and such, and if a person posts something about UPS and a supervisor, and posts a name , address or location and demeans that person, then that is a matter between the person and the company and the UNION is not involved.

    The Teamsters arent the public defenders office. What we are talking about is a Legal case, and a lawyer would be more in line.

    Slander and liable is NOT something the Teamsters deal with.

    We dont make contractual agreements for persons private actions at home.

    You rant and rave about stewards and such in a non coherent fashion but the reality is simple. You dont want to get in trouble? Dont post on facebook anything negative about the company or person.

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    When they pull you in ON THE CLOCK, it becomes a Teamster issue.
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    At that point ment, it means a steward can be there as a witness to what is being said, and possibly working out a settlement. But there is no language for the steward to base a defense on. This is a legal matter as slander or libel is a civil issue.

    The steward would have no options if this was the avenue the company chose to follow.

    The steward then becomes a witness to the meeting.

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    I agree. It would violate the employees Weingarten Rights if the Union refused to participate because the alleged act happened at home. The meeting most definitely would/could lead to disciplinary action.
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    I beg to differ, as I agree with Ovah. I have a call into my father and I will let you know what his years of wisdom has to say.
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    I was only commenting on the employees Weingarten Rights. The Union most definitely has to appear in the meeting Menotyou described (whether or not what happened was at work or elsewhere).

    After that, I'd agree with TOS that he only has to be a witness. BUT, hopefully his time as a shop steward or BA would enable him to work out some kind of settlement.
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    Brown Cafe is however a little more anonymous than Facebook, and the only way to match faces with names is if Brown Cafe and facebook were commuting IPs to UPS, which would be illegal.

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    Cheryl doesn't allow anyone to see our ip addresses.
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    Facebook post gets worker fired news services

    A Facebook post criticizing his employer, the Philadelphia Eagles, cost a stadium operations worker his job, according to a story in Monday's Philadelphia Inquirer.

    Dan Leone, who the Inquirer said worked as a west gate chief, was unhappy the team let Brian Dawkins sign with the Denver Broncos in free agency. According to the newspaper, Leone posted the following on his Facebook page: "Dan is [expletive] devastated about Dawkins signing with Denver ... Dam Eagles R Retarted!!"
    Despite deleting the comment, Leone told the Inquirer the Eagles fired him by phone days later.
    "I shouldn't have put it up there," Leone said, according to the Inquirer. "I was ticked off, and I let my emotions go, but I didn't offend any one person or target a specific individual. I was just upset that we lost such a great guy. Dawkins was one of my favorite players. I made a mistake."
    Leone said he was shocked to lose his job of six years.
    "I apologized for it," Leone said, according to the paper. "I apologized 20 million times. I never bad-mouthed the organization before. I made one mistake and they terminate me? And they couldn't even bring me into the office to talk to me? They had to do it over the phone? At least look me in the eye. To get done dirty like this, I can't believe it. I'm devastated."
    The Eagles confirmed that Leone was a part-time staff member, but didn't comment further.
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    i've heard of ups doing alcohol tests on people and not letting them drink on their own time. in this case it was a driver who had a dui off company time and failed to report it to his boss.
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    oh and btw....So what's the starting pay grade on the UPS Nanny Patrol?
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    to the other side: please tell me the differnce in 1. A employee interview with a national paper like with the new york times about employee concerns. 2. a union member outside of UPS with the Union talking to the news about issues of concern about UPS then that person getting on face book and stating the issues. Please let me know becasue they are forms of public communications. not picking at you just want more of view piont. How can not they not view all three in the same light?
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    Those are two completely different scenarios, but both carry consequences. Lets make an example. ( this is only an example!)

    I go on facebook and post a story where I call * (my supervisor) a bumbling idiot. I go on to say he is stealing from UPS and giving false information to customers. I post his name, center and region. UPS then finds out and calls me into the office.

    UPS and * would have the right to SUE me for slander and libelist claims. On a public forum, we cannot name names, or post contact info on a person working at UPS no matter how true it may be. Depending on your state laws, this is illegal.

    You cant make claims without proof.

    In the case of this thread, we dont know what was posted, but we do know the company took offense to it and terminated an employee. If the post on facebook was benign, or harmless as it did not contain UPS information (like copies of reports, names, identifiers) then there shouldnt have been a problem.

    In most cases, people who bash on their employers name names, or make charges in the public domain. For the most part, we do the same here, but we dont name names or give locations.

    If you speak to a newspaper and you make similiar claims, two things have to happen, first, you have to go on the record with the claims, that puts the liability on YOU, second, the paper should validate your claims before they print it, cause if they dont, and it makes print and you name names or make charges that cant be proven, then your up a creek without a paddle.

    The Teamsters are not responsible for our actions in our off time. They have no obligation to stand up for us when we do something wrong in our personal time.

    Indeed, they need to be in the meeting and listen, but at that point, they are limited to being a witness to the meeting, facts and outcome.

    People should understand that putting something on facebook is a dangerous action if you are giving out UPS information. Reports and such are proprietary and WE dont have a right to release that information in the public , no matter what the concern is.

    For example, we work long hours. If someone copied a WOR report and posted it on facebook, that person would be discharged for Stealing. The information contained in the WOR report is proprietary and protected company information. We have NO RIGHT to release this information to the pubic.

    You can be sued and prosecuted for this, depending on your local laws.

    I hope this clarifies it for you.

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    libel.....written or printed. ......defamation of character in the written form.

    slander.....spoken..........Oral communication of false statements injurious to a person's reputation.