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    Hi everybody. I'm looking to switch up careers and maybe try something new I found package delivery drivers are hiring for temp so I have an interview this week. Wanted to give something new a
    Shot since it requires no prior experience. I had a friend that was a UPS driver for a few months and he said it was the worst thing he'd ever done. I try to be open-minded so I'm taking it with a grain of salt. I've searched the forums here some people say they love it some say they hate it. I was wondering if anyone on here was from Staten Island New York and had some advice on being a driver. I've read it's very physically demanding, the traffic takes the life out of you especially on this island and hours can be hard but the pay cannot be beat. Having management breathe down my back wouldn't bother me too much but if one thing is out of place and they plan on firing me in two weeks I won't bother. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I did what you're interviewing for last holiday season, though never got to drive very much. Before that I worked two seasons as a driver's helper. Physically demanding? Yes, probably beyond what you imagine. You've got to be in very good shape and always be aware of how you're lifting and moving. Apparently, driving has become a lot less enjoyable over the last couple of years or so, probably because UPS watches every penny it must reluctantly spend to make its record profits. This means high production, which in turn translates into drivers being pushed by managers to make more deliveries.

    If you're hired, definitely try it and see if it's for you. Be sure you're good at driving a manual transmission. And when you take a driving test and they ask you to park on a hill, be sure to keep the emergency brake on until you feel the truck accelerating enough to move forward. If you slide backwards, you fail the test and can't take it again for one year.
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    Good luck. Staten Island is a nightmare. We used to send several cover drivers there a week to help, I always refused and bumped somebody. The horror stories I've heard about that place!
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    I don't know why Staten Island is such a horror show but yes I've heard the same thing. I'm in Queens & on the whole it's a great job if you've got the mindset for it

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    They don't talk about dog bites there, they talk about being held up!
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