being passed up by vacation drivers

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ups2000, May 21, 2007.

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    ok heres the situation i am one of the lower guys on pole laast thursday i wasnt on schedule but 3 of the people under me was and 3 cover drivers and i ran air and missloads still got my 8 hours in so wasnt :censored2: at end of day then friday comes and i wasnt on schedule but cover drivers was so i said i need my 8 hours and my sup said why and i said b/c i got bills to pay. turns out one guy called and said he wanted to take dive and they said to come in well after i started bitchin they decided to give him day off. now tell me if im wrong but i can bump cover drivers and people with less senority even if i dont know route right and if they ups refuse i can file on it right just dont wanna get target on back and i wanna work everyday even if it means learning something new
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    You are correct. A seniority driver is guaranteed 8 hours each day. You most certainly can bump a junior man REGARDLESS of whether you know that route.

    They may not like it (or you!), but you are here for the money, and ya aint gonna make any goin' home!

    See your steward tomorrow.
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    SENORITY prevails!!!!!!!
    YOU can bump anyone with less senority.(even better if you dont like the guy)ok, ok just kidding!!
  4. mattwtrs

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    If you are in fact a fulltime driver how do think they can use a non seniority vacation driver ahead of you? I always tell people I'm here to make money, not friends!
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    Yup, what they all said. If you're a fulltime driver (cover or bid), you prevail. Only way you don't is if the guys under you have bid routes. I know I passed up several routes over the years because I had the seniority to cover premiere rural routes. Luckily, I had enough guys under me coverwise I wouldn't get laid off. But I do believe you can't pull a bid drivers route from him, even if you have more seniority.
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    bump away man
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    where I'm from it doesn't matter if you have a bid route. If I have more juice than you I can bump you off your bid route for the day if I have no work. I was in your situation for a while. I would rather cover than bid a bad route and be stuck on it for a year. But if I had no work I could bump the junior guy from his bid route.
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    I dont see how that would be fair, now understand we only bid a route whenever it becomes available. We dont bid yearly. So you could have bid a route but chose not to, and now you dont have work and thats the bid route drivers fault how? Not picking on you and i understand seniority rules in all cases but i cant see that.