Benefits at UPS are not all that great.

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by johnny_b, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. johnny_b

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    For a part time job it's very good.


    They do not provide for contraceptives. For a company so wonderful for women, this is very surprising, contradictory, and worthy of losing all those awards in my not so humble opinion.

    They lose claims for prescription drugs at a 100% clip so far. Of course, this is on the mail-in rebate plan, which is stupid, confusing, did I say stupid? Why not make the pharmacy bill instead of making us pay and then get the mail-in rebate? SO THEY WON'T HAVE TO PAY!!!!!!!! "Oops, we lost it! Will you send it back in?" "I don't have any documentation anymore" "TOOO BAD LOSER!"

    I have had extreme trouble with my dental coverage having to write three letters before the issue was mostly resolved.

    Sorry, but this is pathetic.
  2. toonertoo

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    Hang in there, no they dont pay for contraceptives, or yearly exams, or until recently mammograms, but they will pay for an abortion!! I dont get that. When I asked about it, they said pregnancy is an accident. And we are covered for accidents. I am sure he was kidding, but I didnt think it funny.
    I once got denied coverage for a crown in my dental program, and got an answer saying I hadnt worked at UPS long enough. 17 yrs wasnt long enough? . It got paid.
    Right now I am arguing between aetna and blue cross over a cat scan, both say they are not responsible for it, in the ER. Someone is going to pay it, but finding the time to make all the calls is almost impossible. Its like anything anymore, you have to fight for it. And it isnt UPS fault, from documentaries I have seen on healthcare, they are always told to deny. I am sure they save alot because with their hours 9-5, the limit quickly passes by and then YOU have to pay it.
    If it is any comfort only myself and one other person in my building ever have a problem with the insurance, everyone else gives it high marks.
  3. dannyboy

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    ITs not only your insurance. Its the system.

    I have double coverage and they seem to want to pay less than if I had single coverage.

    I spent 15 hours last weekend figuring out medical bills and insurance liability and payments. Started the W/E owing more than $1,800. Finally got it down to less than $100 that I actually owe.

    But why should I have to waste my time on this crap. UPS pays through the nose for my benifits, and my wife pays close to $600 a month for hers.

    But it is a game. Son needed some facial surgury and we sent it into precert. CAme back denied. Asked why. Said it was classified by the doctor as cosmetic. Our doctor asked to speak to the insurance doctor, and found out he was a gynocologist. What did he know about oral surgury? Nothing, but he had the authority to turn down the claim.

    Also I found that on two ocassions doctors offices had been paid by insurance, but did not give me proper credit on the bill.

    Keep good records. Raise heck with the insurance provider. And if they keep giving you the run around, notifiy your states insurance commissioner. They will look into the problem, andif there are mulitple problems that are severe, they can jerk the companies licence to do business in that state. HAd to go that route once, and I got really quick responses after that.

    IF you need help let me know.

  4. dammor

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    "For a company so wonderful for women, this is very surprising, contradictory, and worthy of losing all those awards in my not so humble opinion."

    Perhaps they are taking better care of women because they have only hired 2 or 3 in the last ten years. Better benefits for women with less women would save a bundle. I suppose you are speaking of the coverage for your wife. That could be, but to suggest UPS is a good company for the working women there is a stretch for sure. How many do you have in your ranks? Don't try to tell me all can't handle the job either, because I know better. Many who could will never get the chance.
  5. rd0127

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    Our insurance does pay for contraceptives. Why is it different for you? Is your insurance through the union or the company? Does coverage vary from state to state? My husband is full-time management. We have a "Paid" drug card and they started paying for oral contraceptives a few years ago.
  6. rushfan

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    I have an insurance company nightmare, but I don't want to bore you with the story. It's like the ones that millions of other people have had. UPS isn't at fault for it. Trying to contact them between the hours of 9-5 was a pain in the ... Because of them, I was over 9.5 a few days.
  7. johnny_b

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    My insurance is through the company and for union part-timers. The union full-timers insurance is through the union. The part-time supervisors have a paid drug card. I assume that full-time sups have the very best.

    It reminds of the episode of Star Trek: Voyager where the doctor got stolen and was sold to the overseers (sp?) of some planet. He originally worked in the 'code red' room where people who weren't worth keeping alive went. A man there died because he needed medicine A. The doctor did a great job and was transferred to code blue, where people recieved this medicine A so they could live longer because they were supervisors. Before being rescued, the doctor caused some kind of revolt.
  8. rd0127

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    "Perhaps they are taking better care of women because they have only hired 2 or 3 in the last ten years."

    Dammor you need to take a good look at management. That is where the women are being hired. Lots and lots of them!
  9. ja7618

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    Our insurance is through the wonderful union, so that is part of the problem, having said that we have never had a problem with insurance not paying for any claim. Another part of the problem is the cost of medical care, and we should all take a more active role in our health. I wish they would sponsor health fairs, it's a great way to get testing for all sorts of health issues. My wife work for the local school system and they have 10,000 employees and it is open to all and their families. They have a huge turn out. It has saved a couple of lives. Wish we had something like this.
  10. upsdawg

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    The insurance is terrible? Is it because you only have medical--dental---perscriptions and vision?? Others would love to have the insurance coverage ( for the entire family!) that UPS provides.

    Some of you need a reality check---ask some of your friends and family that don't work for UPS how much they pay for their insurance and what they are paying extra for their family and than reflect what UPS provides. Is it the best--no---but it could be so much worse !!
  11. johnny_b

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    I asked my friends, they said they paid $42 a month. We are still on the young side of things, so we aren't hurt very often. Also, most of my friends have near perfect vision.
  12. dammor

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    "Dammor you need to take a good look at management. That is where the women are being hired. Lots and lots of them!"

    RDO177, are we talking about another Star Treck episode? We must be in different parts of the country. Management here is usually promoted from the ranks. It would be difficult to promote a woman from the ranks if they don't hire one or two to join the ranks.
  13. rd0127

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    We are in the Southeast. Promotion from in the ranks is still done here. But they are bringing in recent college grads and hiring them as interns. Most of them have never even been on a package car. This hiring trend is extremely popular here. And yes, there are a lot of women in management in this area. Take a look at your I.E., Human Resource and Accounting Departments (pretty much any dept. outside of operations) and see how many women are on the management team there. You might be surprised.
  14. dammor

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    Do you think women should not have a chance to be involved in operations? Many women would not be interested or qualify for management just as many men don't either. I'm glad they are hiring women for any position, but some would probably be more suited for operations if given a chance.
    I don't see that happening.
  15. rd0127

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    I agree with you Dammor. I was just making note of what I see happening here in the S.E.
  16. dammor

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    Sounds like the S.E. is trying. I did not mean to sound harsh.
  17. proups

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    I agree with UPS Dawg - our benefits package is great. So good, in fact, that I tell my wife NOT to sign up for the plan her job provides. That way, we don't get into the double-coverage issues.
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    Hey on tv they had the top 10 Star Trek epsiodes. any of you trekkies can name them?
  19. eddie138301

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    The insurance is great until you get hurt on the job. If you get hurt on the job and off work for more than 12 months, Central states will cut off all benefits for you and your family. When you are off for 12 months Ups stops paying in the weekly payment and you will have no insurance. This happened to me. They will not tell you when they cut off your benefits. I found out when I went to get my wife's prescription.
  20. dammor

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    eddie, 12 months is a long time to be off. I'm not suggesting anything, but we have had some here that will go out for 2 months with a bee sting. Please don't be unsulted. I don't know your situation. We had a fellow UPSer here get in a horrible wreck and he will be out for quite some time. He will be taken care of. I had cancer surgery and went on disability for 3 months. UPS paid for every bit of the surgery and the radiation treatments that followed. I believe the disability was paid through teamsters. It was enough to keep my head above water. In my mind our benefits are a God's send.