UPS Contract. They're Going Forward, and We're Going Backwards

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Apr 29, 2013.

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    If and when the new UPS contract is ratified, they will have a solid raise and still not be paying a penny for medical coverage. Us? We're headed the other way. If you consider our non-raise in March, higher insurance costs, and fewer hours, we aren't just falling behind...we are plummeting. Plus, take a look at the latest "Career Opportunities". I didn't count and do the calculations, but a quick scan indicates about 75% of those jobs are PT.

    So, if you are new to Fred's Fun Factory, please read the writing on the wall, which says "Leave now, and do something meaningful with your career". I really mean this if you are 40 or under, and please take it from somebody who knows first hand. It is very difficult to find a good job once you are over 40, unless you have some specialized skill, education, or experience. FedEx is NOT going to give you that, unless you are only here to be PT and get some Tuition Refund assistance. Otherwise, you need to head for the exits.

    We are rapidly approaching the point where most Express couriers will be making half what a UPS driver does, for essentially the same job. This is counting wages, benefits, and retirement. Wages? About double for a topped-out UPS driver vs. a FedEx new hire. Benefits? Free medical and dental at UPS. You pay through the nose at FedEx, and the providers suck. Retirement? You don't even have one, and UPS has excellent retirement benefits.

    FedEx Express, in free-fall without a parachute.
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    And I believe, but may be wrong, UPS drivers in Podunk, Arkansas make as much as those in Chicago and other high cost cities. A topped out UPS driver makes more than double what a starting Express courier makes in much of the country. A "B" payscale courier starts at $14.46hr and in the 3 years it takes his neighbor Bob to top out down at UPS at, what is it, $32.49hr under the old contract?, that newhire courier's pay will barely budge. I don't see the Express courier job being the equivalent of what a UPS driver does on a daily basis, and the cost of flying most of our freight eats up a huge chunk of our revenue. But the only thing that's standing in the way of us topping out at 10 years and being more generous with top pay is management's fervent, almost cult like belief that they deserve almost all profit for themselves and the big investors, while we should just be thankful they give us a job.
  3. Pretty much spot on.
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    ^^^ what they said ^^^
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    The Master Agreement means that the package car driver in Podunk, AR. makes the same as the package car driver in NYC. Same job=same pay. You choose where you live. The FedEx Market Level scam is just that...a big scam.
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    spoke to a p/t ups-er today....he told me the contract was signed....raises for the 1st yr--80 cents...2nd..80 cents...3rd...80 cents...4th...90 cents....5th yr...a buck....thanks, fred for the screwing....
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    The contract isn't even close to being signed.
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    So where is the renewed (yet again) call for organizing and obtaining union representation? Or are you too demoralized and beaten to act?
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    We've done our part at my station .
    I don't have the time or resources to do any more than that.
    I could B.S. you about more surrounding cooperation, or help from the IBT, but there is none, yet.
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    I would think the teamsters will be no help til after UPS is all set. Then again they might be no help period. Good Luck

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    Is that what you do to your employees?
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    I have to say that you are absolutely right. If you have worked for FedEx can you get a job at UPS at any level other than a package handler that pays only $9.00 an hour however?

    {{You pay through the nose at FedEx, and the providers suck. Retirement? You don't even have one, and UPS has excellent retirement benefits.}}

    I pay $292 a month thru the state of Massachusetts (Commonwelth Choice). This is what Obamacare aka Affordable Care act will be based on . I bet you pay less than that and saving for retirement.. I couldn't do it if it were offered given the high cost of living.

    For this I get very limited coverage and no coverage outside the state except for maybe at the ER. I thought that FedEx express employees pay $17.00 a month or paycheck. As a contractor, you aren't eligible. The plan offered thru or whatever that was suggested in another thread is a joke and not even offered in MA or NY

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    Uh, I pay about 350 a month, don't know where your numbers came from, 1987 perhaps?


    I have the cheap plan and mine is $180 for 4 people, but the deductibles are astronomical.
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    Same here. I get it for my kids and stay away from the doctors unless I'm very sick.
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    We're not telling you anything unless you can pull yourself away from your smartphone and pass out union cards.

    Your buddy Northbound will help you.
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    go work somewhere else then. If you don't like it then just get out, that is what I am doing with my contracts. I am getting out because I see the writing on the wall and rather than just hope they get renewed I am proactive, but then again I am very risk adverse. Why are people staying at regular employees if they can get paid more elsewhere with better benefits. Don't say unemployment is high and the economy is bad. Both have improved significantly in the past year.
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    You mean with the relatively few jobs being created and millions having dropped out of the job hunt that the economy has actually improved? Don't confuse high corporate profits with things improving for the average worker. Those profits are coming in too many companies from shedding workers.
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    UPS is a great company.