Bidding Is Over: When Can We Start?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Overpaid Union Thug, Feb 25, 2015.

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    I was just wondering when most centers start putting bid drivers on their new routes. In the Southern Supplement all routes were bid and bidding started a month early this time. And my center is already finished. I know management has until May 1 to get people trained but what about those that already know their routes? I don't have the contract handy but I'm pretty sure it doesn't address just exactly how soon after bids are completed we can start our routes.
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    Already had a conversation concerning this with management. We have put them on notice they have over two months to move every driver to their new route. Anyone not on their new route by that time will have a grievance placed on the center manager's desk with seniority violation as the reason every morning.

    Every driver below that person is effected as the available routes to be ran by unassigned drivers isn't how it should be. On top of that, any bid driver running another route that isn't theirs, allowed by management, will also be greived for senority violations. If the driver is a willing participant in the bid switch, their route will be greived and placed back up for bid immediately. In order to make the lesser senority drivers whole, any bid driver that is not on their correct bid route hours will be calculated, any hours worked over the highest senority unassigned driver's work day will be greived for doubletime penalty pay rate for that day.

    We will not tolerate any extra contractual agreements that harm our fellow drivers, some of which would gladly run bid routes, given the opportunity.
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    There is no reason why drivers moving into bid routes that were previously unassigned/training routes can't start right after the bidding process is complete.