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    Just wondering how many centers out there are still bonus centers? We have bonus but I look every morning at the (OR) and there is only 3-4 that still bonus. It is possible to bonus on my route, I did it a few weeks ago and bonused by 164 but that was running every stop from air in the morning till the last stop 158 stops later. I had an event that I was taking my daughter to that night and did not get the 8 hour day I requested. And we are required to take lunch (diad lunch software) so no work off the clock.

    We are on PAS now and that seemed to take the last of the bonus away,they will time study this spring and I'm sure the few that have bonus everyday will lose it.
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    bone-us does that sum it up pretty well?
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    we have more than half the drivers in our center making bonus.. more bonus now than there was before PAS. routes have been added as well. it's rare to get close to 9.5 these days, they give us 8.5 planned and expect us back in the building by 6p.
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    Where are you located?
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    In Never Never Land
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    Time study/PAS came to our bonus center. I have been able to run under allowed for twenty years. Now what was a ten hour day is classified as a under eight day. I rarely work less than nine and a half hour days. The overtime is making my check look great and the WOR shows me overallowed by an hour.
    Amazing to me is that I now run more stops per on road hour than ever on this route and can not hit MAR.
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    Thats exactly what I was thinking
  8. toonertoo

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    Same here - PAS, I can hardly wait. Last 8 hr I had, was called a 6.5 on the OR. They sure fixed that quick and in a hurry.
  9. toonertoo

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    ditto that.
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    :confused:1 :confused:1 :confused:1 Go figure, our SPORH increases and so does or over-allowed time. Go figure:confused:1 :confused:1 :confused:1 :confused:1 . I guess if everyone is over-allowed, just be at the top-end of the over-allowed list and they'll leave you alone:w00t:
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    I don`t understand why anyone would want to work bonus. It encourages drivers to cut corners and work unsafely. The dispatch you go out with is determined on that days volume, so what do you gain?
  12. toonertoo

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    Its just simple math more pieces cuts down your sporh, but it doesnt balance out in the over allow, it use to. If I look at all I look to see who was "worse than me", then I know I wont get a talkin to.
  13. Megansman

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    In our center it appears the numbers are rigged -- nearly identical days for different drivers, i.e. stops, pieces, pick ups, miles etc. nearly the same and one driver bonuses 3 hours and the other driver a half hour. Management can't offer any logical explanation... but then again, what was I thinking?
  14. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I heard that the reason the OR is showing drivers as running over is because with PAS you are expected to run more stops per hour. It is because the theory is that with PAS there is less sorting. It's supposed to be as simple as getting the next stop from the DIAD then grab and go. Is this true? It seems to make since....IN THEORY. But then again....Communism seemed great in theory but doesn't work either.
  15. satellitedriver

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    I never had to cut corners to make bonus. I just maintained a steady pace all day. I took my lunch and applied all the safe work methods daily. Yes, you could say I was robotic and focused.(And I still am) Never wasted time chit-chatting and tried to save every motion to empty my pkg car as quickly as possible. I could average 45 minutes a day under allowed by applying all the work methods I was taught. Bonus was a great incentive for me to stay focused and be deliberate in my actions all day.
    Now, that incentive has been negated. I still work as I always have on a day to day basis and get paid overtime instead of bonus. IE just jacked the numbers up and that looks good on paper. The results have been same SPORH and paying OT instead of bonus.My paperwork looks better(my paycheck),but it is costing UPS alot of money to run by this system.
    In time the bugs will be worked out and true cost analyst of dispatch over fixing daily problems will be rectified. It probably won't happen in my working lifetime.
    Running under-allowed/ Bonus use to be a point of pride in doing a smooth honest days work.
  16. PDS

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    We have some bonus drivers in our center and some that aren't. Nobody has ever explained the bonus system too me, obvisouly it's an incentive for the driver to be "efficient" on his/her route, but is there a downside for the driver? Some kind of penalty for over over allowed or something?
  17. Harry Manback

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    Amen. Can i get a witness?
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    Everything at UPS looks good on paper but never seems to translate to the real world enivorment. We have been on PAS for over 3 years now and on Friday I had 6 misloads and was missing 8 stops that were in my Diad but not on the truck since they were misloaded on another truck. I waste more time everyday looking for pkgs that aren't there. There is no time allowance for sorting your load so I don't do it anymore.
  19. Harry Manback

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    Whats funny is, when you're missing pkgs, show them as "not found" and the next day, they magically appear on your car. So you del. them, and come back to the building for a car audit. All because the :censored2: that had them the day before didn't bother to call them in as misloads and record them as missed. I love it when someone not doing their job makes it look like i'm not doing mine.
  20. steelheader69

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    I'm in a bonus center. Funny how things changed. I fell through a porch and blew out about 8 discs in my back (including now having a permanent disibility in my back). I bid the route I had when I went out on long term L&I. Route was in a P7, running 70 business stops and about 17 pickups (it's a remote business route). Was considered a 9 hour day. When I bid it, was put up as 100 stops, in a P1 with a TP60 and same pickups. Came back and finally got a chance to run it. I was not running 100 stops. But was running 120 stops, about 20 pickups and doing it in about 10 hours. Was coming back about a 8.1 day. LOL. Mind you, I was doing 120 stops and about 320 pieces (all heavy and only ONE dock, rest were handtruck deliveries of bulk) and picking up over 400 (and usually 500 pieces) a day (only 150 of those 500 were in pup, rest I personally loaded into my P1). Previous driver didn't even do that many at Xmas.

    They did do new time studies after the fact. I did gain some time back, but I only have seen bonus during Xmas when I was delivery about 150 stops and picking up over 1,000 pieces (yup, I was picking up over 1,000 packages between pup and package car). Even then, I was only getting maybe 10 minutes bonus, if that.

    We have a few that still bonus, but few and far between. Mostly the guys doing no bulk (remote resi routes) with close deliveries.