BP's Disaster Recovery Plan vs UPS'

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by UPSLennyBriscoe, Jun 24, 2010.

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    BP's disaster recovery plan failed miserably. If UPS Information Services had a disaster that left mortalities in its wake and left one of the data centers in tatters, what chance would you assign to UPS' disaster recovery plan working?
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    At least by your words, they have a plan!!
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    It's not perfect since everything is not replicated in both datacenters, but the business would continue. The hurricane in 1996 knocked most communications down in Mahwah (the datacenter was powered by generator but most data circuits...even oc-xx was down due to multiple telco centers being under water) and everything was run out of windward. Windward had a minor power problem earlier this year and a lot of things were run out of Mahwah. Router problems force communication to either datacenter frequently. The biggest issue is apps, databases and external customer connections.

    I don't think we could help BP much, but I was wishing every day after Katrina that UPS wouuld take over food/water/shelter distribution and logistics!
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    Air ... you say The hurricane in 1996; That's 14 years ago. Wasn't it Hurricane Floyd, a tropical storm as it passed through NJ in 1999? Has there been a meaningful disaster recovery test in the last 11 years? What VP/AM is in charge?
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    You're right, '99. Don't remember VP/AM...VP was tall and skinny. I remember the war room. TS was there. My memory is shot!