Brownbailout is Working

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    According to several sources, ********* worked as planned and FedEx is winning the war to keep it's RLA exemption. I called the offices of several Senators today but couldn't get anything solid from their staff members. That means that Smith's lobbying dollars are working their black magic(as usual).

    2 events lend credence to a successful effort by Fedex. Yesterday, we were notified that there would be no raises until March, 2010, and any pay hike at that time would be contingent upon improving economic conditions. If Smith were truly afraid of losing his exemption, he would have probably offered a higher raise right now to try and keep the Teamsters out.

    Fredly00 just posted a news story that Smith is negotiating to buy the St. Louis Rams, which would be very bad press if he felt unionization were imminent. After all, unionizing would break Fred's piggybank, right? We are about to perish as a company, but somehow Fred can scrape up the dough to buy another NFL franchise. Hmmmm.

    Perhaps behaving like ladies and gentlemen on the part of UPS wasn't wise after all. Dealing with vermin like Fred requires strong tactics, yet UPS kept itself restrained.

    While I admire UPS business ethics and it's honorable approach, you may have just handed Fred another few years of extreme competitive advantage. I sincerely hope I am incorrect on this one.
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    More like 10 yrs and thank God UPS are all wusses otherwise FedEx might have been in some serious trouble.Managers at my station are practically celebrating.

    *********** was a great success and i wanna thank they all the guys on this site that helped out by spreading the word including MrFedex.I know hes always trashing Fred and Fedex but he actually helped spread the word bigtime and opened peoples eyes.Nice job!!
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    Shackled again. And you are happy about this. Fred Smith has no honor, so it's not surprising that he is able to hobble his employees with such openness. If Fred gets his 'special' status, I feel for the workers that will again not share the rights of their fellow industry workers. Lies and immoral suppression seems to be Fedex's moto. It was never a bailout, but Fred ,like many in power, use fear and populous slanders to get their ends. Absolutely no honor.
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    I delivered 70 nda att iphones in the last two days....Did we win that account from fed x?
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    I disagree with you. Brownbailout has not done anything. For the most part, the only folks aware of it are from UPS and FedEx. The MINIMAL press coverage has mostly been negative towards it. There is no groundswell of public opinion outside of UPS and FedEx people (and there are a lot more UPS people).

    This means that the fate of the labor status of FedEx is exactly where it was before the brownbailout site - in the hands of the senate. Look at the make up of the committee responsible for it. I wouldn't be worried.
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    someone celebrating a victory that has not been won?
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    Yeah i know its dumb but thats how they are acting.
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    please elaborate....
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    I'm not worried because of the politics of the situation. The Democrats in Congress owe a lot to Labor because of Labor's support of them. The Democrats should be especially eager to please Labor since they couldn't muster support for EFCA. The committee which will be handling this bill has 3 more Democrats than Republicans. Of the Republicans, one (Isakson) is from Georgia which means UPS is a large constituent of his and he should be amenable to listening to us. Olympia Snowe is another of the Republican Senators and she is very centrist and I would expect her to be open minded and not oppose a level playing field. All in all, the politcal star are aligned right for this to happen. The Teamsters do need to be ready to get the ball rolling ASAP if / when this passes, though, before the balance of power changes and the law is changed back.
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    We have a Democratically controlled Senate and White House that is supposedly pro-labor and Fedex is claiming victory in less than two weeks? I think the time is perfect to change this law. We have already started a letter writing campaign in the Georgia District this week. I don't buy Fedex's hype on this campaign working at all. The vote is still a ways off. Senators don't pay attention to some obscure propaganda website. Its the letters and emails they get from the people they represent that will determine this. I have my letters in the mail and my wife and son are writing them too. Its not over at all.
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    Does Fedex know something we dont?
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    They know how to use smoke and mirrors. Freddy must have grown up working at carnivals. He really knows the shell game.
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    FedEx 4 Life,

    Quick answer is no. From MrFedEX's 2 reasons for thinking it is over:

    1) No wage increases is because FedEx just reported a large loss.
    2) Looking at buying the Rams is to diversify and /or find a backup source
    of income.:happy-very:
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    Maybe looking at the Rams is a ploy?Maybe he really has no interest in buying them,just wants to make it look like he does to make it look like everything is ok.
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    I could believe that.
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    i heard 7 out of 10 americans polled oppose the brownbailout by the government.
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    I suppose those 10 "Americans" were all FedEx managers
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    Do you have a source? A poll can get any result you want based upon the wording of the question.
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    ah it originiated from yahoo