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    All Georgia UPSers are going to or have been asked to write our senators in favor of the NRLA in a move to counteract Fedex who is calling this a UPS bailout. Fedex's website goes live tomorrow at

    Has anyone else been asked to get involved in this letter campaign?
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    No-ones asked us to here, but I will be writing my Senators.
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    good luck with that one, if I recall , you are in mass. and John Kerry is a skull and bones buddy with Fred Smith.
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    I didn't know that. Kerry is on the Commerce committee that will hear all this.
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    Here's a list of Senators with web-forms to contact them.
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    got this paragraph off of Wikipedia's page about Fred Smith

    Smith became a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity and Skull and Bones.[4][5] He received his Bachelor's degree in economics in 1966. In his college years, he was a friend of George W. Bush.[6] Smith was also friends with John Kerry and shared an enthusiasm for aviation with Kerry[7] and was a flying partner with him.
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    We had a PCM about this letter writing campaign this morning. I'm glad to see UPS is making such an effort. The fact that Fred is going through the trouble of this website and campaign tells me he is scared... and that is a beautiful thing.
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    Fred Smith has enjoyed a "Purple Bailout" for 36 years and saved himself billions as a result of his special deal. May I suggest that UPSer's approach this scam from this perspective?

    Ground and Express are not separate because Smith has been using Ground equipment and drivers to move Express low-priority volume for years. This would be our 2-day (Standard Air), and 3-day (Express Saver) products. So he's usual.

    He's spent millions on compliant politicians and does have his Yale buddies who will probably back him up. This crap needs to stop...NOW!! If we'd been under the NLRB, FedEx would have gone union years ago and the playing field would already be level.

    Fred Smith has become a hated figure among his employees because he has screwed us continuously with no fear of retribution. Let's put this major ********in his place.
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    We were not asked to, but I have already emailed my two Washington State senators. I'm going to print out that Fedex press release and pass a few out tomorrow. So far I haven't heard a single driver in our building talking about it, nor management either. PCM's in our center are pretty much identical every day, essentially just a safety tip. There is never any PCM about service changes (like no longer holding 3x send agains, they now get RTS immediately), changes in the company (didn't hear when Eskew got replaced by Davis), traffic problems, or any of a thousand other things they could inform us of, certainly nothing about the machinations of Fedex. It will be interesting to see the reactions of my management team to all this, I wonder if they even know about it...
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    i am having everyone I know write a letter. this is proving that fedex is in fact more of a marketing company than delivery company.
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    Harley-Davidson is more of a Marketing company than a motorcycle company.

    Now with those two points established, what exactly was your point?
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    my point is they are using the media very much to their advantage and it is not real life. how is this going to play in middle america? unions= bad UPS = union UPS = bad. 50/50 chance fedex comes our ahead after all this dust settles.

    and, for the record, i always tell my customers UPS is a technology company that delivers packages. :)
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    I think FedEx is gonna shoot themselves in the foot with the ad campaign.

    and figures the dang site doesn't work either... LOL
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    Yeah I see its running now... found a great quote

    "Remember that 85 percent of FedEx Express packages travel by plane, while 85 percent of UPS packages travel only by truck."

    Comparing Express Segment to the whole of UPS... ;) yikes... its gonna be a painful week.
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    I just reviewed the site.
    My first thought was, they must be running scared.
    The opening paragraph is so full of holes and vitriol.
    I think they (meaning FedEx) are screwing the pooch, with this approach.
    Having stated my opinion, in the end it will be determined by who can buy the votes with money, or promise of continued power, (ie; re-election).
    If my post seems jaded, then you have caught my meaning.
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    i just left a comment, i wonder if it will be posted on their blog.
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    For what it's worth, I suggest *NOT* linking to FedEx's new brown bailout website on discussion boards here. Linking will increase the site's google ranking. Right now, go to google and search 'brown bailout' or 'bailout brown'. The #1 hit is for, which has to do with British PM Gordon Brown.

    FedEx's site is completely off google's radar right now. The only thing more pathetic than a fake grassroots campaign is a failed fake grassroots campaign.

    On the other hand, I'm sure lots of people are very interested in Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his recent problems. They can find all kinds of info about that at :happy-very: