bulk sheet accuracy?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by watdaflock?, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. watdaflock?

    watdaflock? Well-Known Member

    Hey preloaders, are close-to being accurate are your morning bulk sheets?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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  3. BigUnionGuy

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    He's asking if the daily "forecast" sheets given to the preloaders is accurate.

    ie: "forecast" sheets show the number of stops and pieces in every section

    of the shelves, plus the projected number(s) for the dedicated floor stops.
  4. barnyard

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    My sheets are usually off by quite a bit. I have a PO on my route, the forecast includes all surepost, most are bagged.
  5. HBGPreloader

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    Lately, they haven't been remotely close.
    Typically, management has been printing them out between midnight and 1, and not hanging them until an hour or two after the shift has started.
    So, not only do they miss the late loads, they also miss all the add/cuts. And, I end up with 50+ packages on one shelf, but none on the next shelf.
  6. Hot Carl

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    They're almost useless during peak. Couple weeks ago my sheet told me I had 18 pieces for the vet clinic on that truck and I planned my space accordingly. They must have gotten the number backwards since it ended up being 81. Was not pretty.
  7. AwashBwashCwash

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    They're entirely useless. I don't even look at them anymore.
  8. Elmo.goes.to.prom

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    Amazon isn't included on the forecast sheets.

    My sheets can be up to 75 pieces more than originally forecasted.
  9. Jkloc420

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  10. watdaflock?

    watdaflock? Well-Known Member

    whoops. I meant "how" and not are in my original post.
  11. Two Tokes

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    I think I speak for the majority
    Stay retired and go away
    Get a dog, cat, or a foreign exchange student
    Or better yet, a life
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  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You clearly lack the vocabulary to speak for yourself, let alone "for the majority".
  13. burrheadd

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    No, I think he’s pretty much spot on
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  14. What'dyabringmetoday???

    What'dyabringmetoday??? Well-Known Member

    You have to admit- there was quite a few around here basically begging for him to "come back".
  15. Air Recovery

    Air Recovery Active Member

    This. The sheets are horribly inaccurate
  16. watdaflock?

    watdaflock? Well-Known Member

    Only shelf ever close to empty for me is 1000. Sometimes the 2000 can be dropped down to F1, which helps with the multiple bulk stops on 6000.

    It's always that damn 6000 shelf.

    Every day, those 6's are painful.


    :devil2: Satan loves peak.
  17. Two Tokes

    Two Tokes Give it to me Baby

    You are right about that
    Poor guy just needed an excuse
  18. clean hairy

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    The cat he might toss in a dumpster like he did once before.
    The dog and exchange student might see him and run the other direction!
  19. scooby0048

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    I'm running a rental right now. It's beyond comical that they actually post a load sheet on the van. My loader is completely overwhelmed trying to load it. I think I pissed her off today when I brought her a brand new Jenga game. She's like, what's that? How do you play it?

    I told her tomorrow while she was enjoying her Thanksgiving with family, to break out the Jenga game with family. Told her to play a few games of it and when she comes back to work on Friday, she will be an expert at loading the rental. They are cute when they think I'm kidding.
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  20. BaiTed

    BaiTed New Member

    No they are a :censored2:ing joke.