California lawsuit settlement rumor

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    California lawsuit settlement rumor
    Can anyone verify if this real or just a rumor? There was a recent settlement of a lawsuit in California involving worker harrassment/intimidation?--- Anyone?
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    As much as UPS wants to dispell the rumors, this one really happened

    Furutani & Peters LLP: UPS Supervisor Awarded $162,992.85 in OvertimeCompensationLOS ANGELES, June 19 /PRNewswire/ -- A unanimous federal jury awarded formerUPS supervisor Michael Marlo$162,992.85 in unpaid overtime, missed meals andrest period compensation. The nine-person jury found that UPS improperlyclassified Marlo as an exempt employee and wrongfully deprived him of mealsand rest periods and overtime compensation in violation of California law."We are pleased that the jury found in Mr. Marlo's favor. UPS has routinelyoverworked its supervisors and intentionally misclassified its supervisors toavoid paying overtime and deprive them of meals and rest periods that UPS isrequired to provide under California law. This has allowed UPS to deprive itsCalifornia supervisors of substantial amounts each year," said Mark Peters,attorney for Mr. Marlo. "We hope that the jury's verdict will send a messageto UPS to follow California law, as well as reduce the excessive workload andthe number of hours it forces its supervisors to work."The case is Michael Marlo v. United Parcel Service, Inc., United StatesDistrict Court for the Central District of California, Case No. CV 03-4336 DDP(RZx). The verdict was reached on May 20, 2009.
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    first poster has two post to his credit with the same question. Second poster has one.

    I think we have our first double troll alert.
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    I heard the supervisor gave back all the money to UPS because he loved his job
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    Newbie, lurker, shy - all appropriate; Troll - never. I've watched this site for the past 10 years (all that I've been employeed at the brown machine), but never posted.

    How many posts do I need to "rack up" before I'm no longer a troll?
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    You don't need to rack any posts to not be a troll. Just be yourself and don't worry about Tie.:happy2:
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    no he didnt give the money back, cause he got fired in dec. Now he has a law suit for wrong full termination. He was in sup for about 20yrs
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    time will tell.
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    I hope he is a troll, I would like to see a valid double troll alert.
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    You will need to get up first thing in the morning and throw together ten or twelve posts. Go to work and wonder what happened on BrownCafe while you were gone. If you have access to a computer at work, go ahead and get a few more posts added. When you get home from work, you must rush to the computer and spend the rest of your evening posting away. It seems that 5,000 posts is some sort of honor around here.
    When you get enough posts piled up, then you can become arrogant and judge other people's posts. You can also join forces with some of the other "super posters" and make sure you all approve of each other's posts and work together to makes sure others post to your liking.
    Good luck to you.
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    C'mon, What'dyabringme! That was harsh.

    Only 4,749 more posts till you're one of us!
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    thanks for explaining your style to us.

    I see two new posters here who all of a sudden posted within an hour of each other.

    One supposedly has been lurking out there for 10 years. I am one of the most senior posters here yet I have not been here 10 years. In 10 years we have had almost every subject imaginable discussed here. We have had the lawsuit issue argued here a million times. Yet only yesterday was our 10 year old lurker compelled to suddenly jump in to the fray.

    If you're fine with that let me know, I have a bridge that you'll like.

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    Is there a problem with the info the alleged troll posted? Is it true or is it false? The only law suit I have read about here was the one about CA centers not following the law on hourly meals times, had nothing to do with a sup.

    I understand your skepticism, but everyone starts with their first post. Plus we have just been shown that sometimes a poster that has multiple posts can be a troll.
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    Trp I really don't care who I take the money from. First one to put up their money can have the bridge I'm selling.
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    tieguy's ability to detect trolls is uncanny. Everyone he has called a troll, I suspected as much as well. I think the troll before this one was the "help, my friend has cancer, he needs to get operated on .....blah , blah blah".
    Tie guy called him a troll. I said nothing (just because I was only 95% sure he was a troll). The more he unraveled the story, the more troll like he appeared. I don't engage trolls anymore.
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    Does this bridge have trolls living under it?
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    You better believe it has trolls, Tie see trolls.....they're everywhere.
    When 90% of the new posters are suspected of being a troll, one is bound to get it right every now and then. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while. LOL
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    Perhaps you would care to back up your 90 percent comment. Hell I'll make it easier for you prove I've accused 20 percent of the new posters here of being a troll. Oh hell prove I've accused 10 percent of the new posters here of being trolls. See if you can handle this one without your girlfriend jumping into the fray.
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    It is a true story about the supervisor Mike Marlo, he won the lawsuit. He was also fired late last year for having an argument with a customer who parked illegally at the customer counter. Pretty stupid.