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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by chopstic, Sep 19, 2008.

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    ok... this is a purely hypothetical situation ;) As some of you may know Christmas eve this year will take place during the work week. I'm not sure about ground operations but those of us working the airports are still required to work on this day. I have been informed that there is a "disciplinary progression" that must take place in order to discipline late or absent workers. If one of these "sick" days happens to coincide with christmas eve is there any additional disciplinary action that could result. If someone had NO absences or late arrival for the previous 9 months then nothing would result from this sick day... right?
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    I don't believe there is anything they can do if you're sick and have an otherwise decent record. Do expect the hairy eyeball to be turned in your direction though. :happy-very:
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    Scheduled pickups are suspended for the day but air products are still picked up so airport operations will still be running, albeit with reduced volume. I would plan on spending Christmas Eve on the flightline.
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    I would plan spending my time at home, with my family.Thats just me............
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    Then you are working for the wrong company
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    That will be my plan as well, also the day after Christmas too.
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    To answer the original question...disciplinary action for absenteeism does not change and is not affected by a holiday.

    You have an ethical obligation as an employee of UPS to do everything in your power to come to work every day, particularly during peak season. If working on Xmas eve is a problem for you then yes, you are working for the wrong company. But, if you are truly physically ill and incapable of safely doing your job then you call in sick just like any other day.
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    When you're sick, you're sick, right? How can it be proved? Come over to your house? Well, it's been done before, although now not allowed.

    We had driver yrs ago that habitually called in, usually on Fri. Hmm...had girlfriend that worked at bar. Hmmm....maybe we'll just stop by the bar. Well, whadya know? There he is! Bingo! Suspension. For calling in? No. For telling a falsehood, a lie! He called in sick and there he was!

    Many more situations similar. Just be mindful, as others have stated, this is the wrong company to work for if you want a life. You signed up for airport operations knowing that holidays were included. Not to be harsh or uncaring here but if you or your "friend" do not want to work what is required, then maybe it's time to find a 9-5, Mon-Fri, no-holiday job.
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    Stop making judgments. Did you happen to consider the fact that maybe he was seeking medical treatment? Anyone knows that alcohol kills germs,maybe he had the stomach flu.
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    Exactly! Not only that, but unlike your route the bar has a bathroom within a few steps...just in case you need one close by.
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    Honestly if you havent been sick in 9 months, and since it almost all operations run on thursday, your sup would know if you werent feeling so hot the day before. AND you wouldnt get holiday pay for the holiday
    Honestly last year they laid off a lot of US intl operations and flight operations so theres a good chance you may have the option to take it off.
  12. stevetheupsguy

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    I see, no pun intended, the eyeball is back!!!

    You never know though, he may (hint hint), start feeling sick (hint hint) a few days before that day and have to take "that" day off.
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    Call in sick on a holiday and make that day harder for your co-workers who showed up.

    I'm SURE you'll be thought of well.
  14. New Englander

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    It's only not allowed at UPS because it's illegal.
  15. StopCount

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    Maybe he wasn't feeling well enough to make it in by his start time, but was feeling better later in the day...
  16. faded jeans

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    It's one day. Just go to work. Are you different in some way from the thousands of other ups employees that will be working Christmas eve.
  17. see, I think more people will call in the following day... seeing as christmas falls on a thurs...who's with me on that one?

    I will be in though, last year I wasn't (grandfather died on christmas...actually kind of dreading it this year) but I heard that nearly half the shift decided not to come (or something absurd like that). Even when I was an hourly I showed up, for just that reason, I know how much it sucks for the other people that do come in.

    July my first year, the day before (or after can't remember) the 4th I was one of two people who normally loaded on my line that showed up. It was the worst day I've ever had at UPS lol. It was hot, humid and seemingly endless work. I mean I saw people from the offices that have never loaded before and it was just comical (this is before PAS). You might have thought I brought my supervisors all a million dollars when they saw me walk up to my cars (figured I wasn't coming in, real nice) and told the supe loading them to go away haha.
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    Yeah, OK, maybe he WAS feeling better later in the day. Excuse me, I didn't THINK of that! Geez! Feeling well, enough to make last call AT NIGHT with his g/f. Yeah, I get that way too. Man, oh, man. What was I thinking?
  19. StopCount

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    Why does it matter to you? If he calls in too much he will be fired...

    Do you know everything about his guys life? Maybe he needed to take his sick grandmother to her chemotherapy appointment.

    You are fortunate that the worst thing in your life is worrying about his attendance record.
  20. raceanoncr

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    You wanna read the rest of the posts?