Calling out due to inclement weather

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by kmk42019, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. kmk42019

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    I work as a preloader in a baltimore/washington ups facility. I called out due the snow/ice last night. Upon calling out I was told disciplinary action would be taken if I didnt show up. I tried to make it into work but after a little while trying to get down my street, I knew that it was not a safe choice. Does anyone know what kind of disciplinary action they might take, and is this a fair decision by management?
  2. over9five

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    If you are not an attendance problem, there is nothing they can do.

    I bet they don't even mention it when you go in.
  3. sendagain

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    They may not be able to do anything to you this time, but if that's the way you treat your employer, they'll find some reason to show you the door eventually.
  4. raceanoncr

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    Fair decision by managment? Of course not! But what is?

    They made it in to work? Fine! Maybe they got 4-wheel drive, maybe you don't. Maybe they live 3 blocks away, maybe you don't. Maybe they live in the flat 'burbs, maybe you don't.

    Try not to make a habit of it but also try this, I did and it worked:
    I honestly could not get outta my driveway one night cuz of snow, AND I HAD NEW 4-WHEEL SILVERADO! I called and said it wasn't gonna happen. Of course they screamed and hollered and said I was due for disciplinary action (which REALLY bothered me, yeah, right) and I said I'd be happy to come in if they came and got me. CLICK! Nothing more said.
    Try it.
  5. its funny you say that, ours were offering to come and get us if we didn't think our vehicles were snow worthy :lol:
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    What the hell does that mean????
  7. HazMatMan

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    Kmk, just keep your attendance clean, and when a situation arrives like last night where you need to call in do to "UNSAFE" road conditions then I would suggest you do it.. If you tried to make it in last night, crashed and died, then what?? Remember you are just a number to UPS who can be replaced with another number.. Remember SAFETY FIRST!!! our company preaches it to us everyday...............
  8. Joopster

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    It's a good thing you didn't make it, cause then they wouldn't let you leave.
  9. toonertoo

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    RFLMAO. Im sooooo very glad I took vacation.
  10. sendagain

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    HazMatMan...It means if you look for reasons to not get into work, that same attitude might someday bite you in the ass. What would have happened if everyone said it's not safe to go to work? They called me in to work after a large quake once. I didn't think they would have us come in but they did. I sorted the packages for four trucks, loaded mine, found some way to get to my route beyond a downed freeway, and delivered through quite a few aftershocks. Working for UPS is a lot like being in the NFL, you raise the bar a little higher than other folks.
  11. over9five

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    Geez, Tooner, your states been on CNN all morning. Roads closed, is there a state of emergency? Is your center on the road?

    Good day to have off! (Me too!)
  12. HazMatMan

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    Wow, you should definately get the golden UPS award.. Look for reasons not to go to work?? sorry but if there is 10 inches of snow on the ground I am not going in. You could try Mr. UPS but I won't. I guess you can say I have one of those attitudes that will eventually bite me in the ass..(UPS created this monster) As for the earthquake you worked through, if something HAD happened to you seriously, they would have said NEXT!! Whatever your next lashings out to me will be will be no big deal, you work how you work and I will continue to call in when it is dangerous to drive..
  13. Pip

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    kmk. I doubt you will hear anything more about it. Shoot, this morning in the Hagerstown center there was 25+ preloaders called in because of the weather. Management was scrambling around calling drivers asking them to come in and help with the preload. There wasn't many people in at 4:30am when the conveyers started rolling.

    I was wondering if they was going to ask me to help out.( that would have been a disaster waiting to happen).At 10am, their was still 4 feeders that didn't make it in yet with preloads on. Most of the cars didn't leave the building til 10:45. I think airs finally rolled in around 11am.

    It was just a crappy morning with the weather and all. I think this was to be expected with the weather. I can only imagine how the centers up in the northeast were coping. I think there getting hammered compared to what we got.
  14. HazMatMan

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    No, it's not like being in the NFL, NFL players make millions to risk being injured, I don't.
  15. over9five

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    "No, it's not like being in the NFL, NFL players make millions to risk being injured, I don't."

    You got that right!

    Dumb analogy.
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    I think my center is working, I saw a guy in my area today, but he didnt look thrilled. He is from a center south of mine. I think I did hear we are in a state of emergency. Its not that bad here, only maybe 15 inches. Which on Lake Erie is a walk in the park, we barely notice. Here I think the snow plows are afraid. Have not seen one of those. But I dont care im on the inside this week saying "aw gee aint it prty".. I ventured out to take some pics, which I cant figure out how to post, they are too big. If you want some email me your addy. And to the store to get provisions (beer). It was one lane, its a state route. But I like days like this when I am home. I can laugh at everyone stuck, slippin, slidin, up to their earballs trying to clean their drives. I just warm up my 4x4 silverado, and drive off. Only need that 4x4 a few days a yr, sure is nice to have for the first time in my life. I remember navigating this weather in a camaro, but I always made it, the key is "never slow down" You stop, you are done. It seems to be over for the worst part, unlike upperstate new york who is still getting another foot!!! Its just windy now, drifting. Take care, and remember dont go in or they wont let you leave. still rflmao.

    The upside to the weather is if I was working, the criminal element is not out, its too cold. so I would have a safe day.
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    tooner...too funny....I used to do Idaho winters in a camaro with Culture Club playing on my tapeplayer . Can't beat the chevy trucks & tahoes and we have a Tahoe now.......but no snow to deal with....thank goodness. We just like the looks of the Tahoe and it can carry lots of golf clubs.
  18. toonertoo

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    Mine was Joe Walsh, and 8 track. 21 News Now, More Local News for Youngstown, Ohio - Home
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    Blondie on the 8 track....
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    Nobody says you need to injure yourself, but there is a lot more riding on your job than just you getting a paycheck. We all were hired to do a job and most guys I know were happy to get hired by UPS. Enough guys don't show up and the guy next to you takes a split off your truck. If more people don't show and customers don't get there merchandise; people get :censored2: and switch carriers, making the hiring on of more drivers a passing thought. Promotions to driver from part time took less than a year back in the seventies. Now, they take five or six years; mostly because our competitors are taking our volume. We used to be able to count on the guys around us in the early days but now everyone wants a retirement route on his first assignment. We used to watch four or five trucks show up to handle a heavy pickup that was blown out. Now, you hope they can find one guy to lend a hand.