Can I file this grievance without witness

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by iunnoimjustatcd, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. On Car supervisor handling packages while out on route shuttling me packages.
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    oh yeah that's an EASY win
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  4. K got it all filled out and ready to file tomorrow along with 3 others. What all details should I put in there and how can I prove he did it? Article 46 right?
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    Look at Article 3 Section 7, and add a phrase such as 'and all other applicable articles'. Talk to your steward. In general, you don't necessarily need (or want) to include too many details in the grievance itself; you would write the details up separately and attach (staple) to grievance. Your local practice might be different. But for this this I would think the number of packages moved, the meet point location and time, maybe the package car # s/he was driving would all be good info.
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    In my past experiences more info the better. Get his name, package 1z#, if he is in a ups truck (get a truck #), if it's his car (make model license plate). If you do that it looks really good in front of a labor manager because he if the one that has to go over the info. Also found a time clock in a ups bldg. Time it and give it to your stew. Good luck!
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    On Wednesday, March 9, 2016 the company violated Article 3, Section 7 of the National Master Agreement Supervisor John Smith shuttled 32 packages to me in truck #12345 @ 4 pm. I am asking for 2 hours @ double time and for the company to comply with Article 3, Section 7.

    That's a simple way.
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    The phrase I like is:

    "With any and all articles, that may apply."

    Either way, it keeps the door open.

    Short and simple is best.

    Providing too much information (in the grievance)....

    Gives the company an opportunity, to formulate a response. (rebuttal)

    They aren't that smart.

    Don't give them any unnecessary information.

    Wait for the hearing.

    Good advice.

    But, wait for the hearing to present it.

    You've done this before.

    I can tell.


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    Thx. It would be on the grievance. Forgot to put that in there.
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    If you have 2 sups riding together do 2 teamsters get paid??
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    If 2 teamsters file grievances. Or 1 teamster could file a grievance on 2 sups working.
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    Technically only 1 is working. The other is just along for the ride. :)
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    Either one..
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    Well the one in the jump seat is an accomplice to a so they should be busted also
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  19. Dragon

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    They aren't that smart.

    Really..keep thinking that....
    We deny more grievances then you win...good luck. :eek:
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