Can PT Package Handlers change hubs?

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    Ive been a helper since december through last wednesday and loved it and decided to make it my goal to become a driver. i know the process can take awhile and you need to start off in the warehouse first. not a problem except the hub i want because it delivers to the areas i want to eventually deliver too, hasnt yet posted any jobs for PT handlers. Another Hub has though that is same distance different direction. My question to you all is if i apply and get the job at one of the other hubs can i transfer to the hub i want when the job is posted? I have a list of drivers and a supervisor who had to cover a route one day who can and said they all would recomend me for the job. But they are all at the other hub. i know that seniority plays a factor when attempting to do temp driver come june, so i dont want to wait around and lose out on a few weeks of seniority, but i also dont want to be stuck delivering in baltimore city lol. Any tips would be very appreciated thanks!
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    If you are lucky enough to get in a package car, WHERE you deliver shouldn't really matter. As far as your question, yes, you can transfer hubs....but generally it's only allowed for education purposes...not just because you want to. There are always exceptions, so it wouldn't hurt to ask your local HR, but don't count on it. If they do allow you to move with no other reason than your own personal preference, then expect to lose whatever seniority you do have....which in your case shouldn't be too much of a big deal.
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    PT union employees are only allowed to transfer hubs if they are enrolled in a university near the hub where they are attempting to transfer to. After the transfer, their seniority within the building/local is END-TAILED meaning they keep seniority for wage/vacation/pension purposes but are put at the bottom of the list for bidding/vacation selection purposes. Simply put - the guys with seniority in the hub with the job posting are entitled to that job before you.

    The only way to slip in would be as an off the street hire, which happens at a 6:1 ratio with (6) inside promotions for every (1) off-the-street hire. Those off-the-street hires are usually reserved for management cronies. My advice? Wait your turn or get some knee pads.
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    It's a question for your local steward/union office. It's different all around the country but generally educational transfers are the only ones that go through unless you're management or have a hardship. It looks like you're stuck though. But since you're not even on board yet it doesn't matter. Apply on the UPS website and indicate the building you want and sit and wait.
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    - Some locations allow employees to transfer within their local (nearby facilities).

    - You mentioned that you worked from December through last Wednesday. You were a seasonal, temporary employee. Therefore, you're not actually transferring, but re-hiring -- and should be able to change buildings. Let your management/HR rep know you're interested in re-hiring elsewhere.