Can you believe it?

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by freightshaker, Feb 2, 2009.

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    A yard jockey wrecks in to the shop building, doesn't report the wreck. Keeps his job. On company property.

    Local cartage driver wrecks into a building of a customer's, gets out and looks at the damage, gets back in the UPS freight tractor, gets his coat, looks and the damage again, gets back in the tractor, leaves the scene of an accident, does not report the accident. The company(customer) calls UPS parcel, they find out it's a freight tractor that was involved. Ask the driver about it, driver denies having an accident, the comapny had a video of the accident forward a copy to UPS parcel and freight, the driver is clearly shown on the video wrecking into customer property, driver again denies it. UPS insurance pays claim, driver not fired... has been working for 1 month since accident. Amazing.:whiteflag:

    Let me Add this happened out of the Famous Indianapolis terminal.

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  3. Bad Gas!

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    We had a similar case last year in pkg car.The driver denied it twice.A witness saw him back into a dumpster(no damage to old dumpster but damage left on pkg car)...The driver was fired and gone...
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    had interview for LaCrosee wi, offered conditional employment, for full time city peddler now what?
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    Schedule the movers and hire a realtor.
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    Kind of smug for a guy with your kind of driving record.
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    Do you guys work out of the same building?

    Driver brings pkg car back to the building, looking like a 747 made an emergency landing on right rear top. Roof opened like a can of sardines. Damage not reported till next morning, by preload. Driver denies knowledge of any incident. Driver grilled, denies, denies, denies. Driver gets away with incident.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Where's the camera when you need one?
  9. stevetheupsguy

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    You said it. Now, I never leave home without it, LOL.
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    im a freight driver in indianapolis and this is news to me

    how can a "yard jockey" have an accident at a CUSTOMERS building? a yard jockey doesnt leave the yard

    you got a name?