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  1. My wife gets medical supplies for type 1 diabetes management, specifically insulin pump insertion sites and reservoirs , now our insurance uses Carecentrix to manage approvals on medical supplies, and we have been waiting for over 4 weeks for approval. WTF this isn't healthcare management , it's mismanagement .
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    Just wanted to say good luck and hoping you got that straightened out!
    We recently switched from Medco to Express far Express seems to be doing better... With Medco they suddenly stopped covering my testing strips saying they weren't medically necessary (I am also type 1 Diabetic) then about 18 months later when I was at the pharmacy TRYING to get my insulin Medco told me if I would lose weight I wouldn't need to be on glad I had it on speakerphone so everyone around me could hear that! Needless to say after that phone call Medco never payed for my insulin again...