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Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by AvgJoe, May 22, 2009.

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    I noticed in the I.S. Openline that we raised a little over $400 for the United Way by doing Wii Bowling in Ramsey. Has anyone done the math here? Are expenses ever tracked and offset against money raised? How many people at $96 / hr were standing around participating or watching? I am willing to bet that not too many were participating while on lunch / break. I for one am sick and tired of the endless solicitation for United Way and watching someone sit at a desk for hours at a time taking orders for fruit, plants, Christmas wreaths, you name it. I think we have lost our way with charitable causes. I for one donate my time (outside of work) to non profit organizations and contribute significant money to the United Way each year. However, the difference is I don't feel the need to post my volunteer hours on N2N (nor my family / friends hours too...what's up with that?) Charity is about giving of your time and resources to help those in need. It does not mean doing that while on the company dime. Don't take this post the wrong way. Giving to charities (including United Way) and being a good Corporate citizen is very important. Last I checked, trumpeting the fact that we are "Green" or being a good, charitable organization has not influenced stock analysts to recommend our stock. I have to go now, I just received my 6th email solicitation on Relay for Life and am feeling guilty for writing this.
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    What an excellent observation. We should just throw United Way some $ and have these $96 an hour folks get back to work. When's the dunk tank ?????
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    Avg Joe,

    I thought I.T. people were not hourly ?? If they watched they still need to complete their work. Similar to the people who extend their breaks.

    I spoke to a user friend in Ramsey and he told me that most people took their lunch hour to play in this tournament.

    This also builds team spirit and helps raise $$ for a good cause.

    I am beginning to HATE the Patriots !!!!!!!! Go JETS !!!

    I.S. Friendly
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    why do u hate the Patriots?
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    Look at the avatar 3 posts up and that should answer your question.
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    nope- still don't get it...
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    ISFriendly doesn't like what ramsey500 said. Pats symbol is ramsey500's avatar.
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    OH ! thanks for clearing that up---- :wink2:
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    hey---I happened to be in Mahwah today for an all day meeting and went for a coffee at 10 am and the DUNK TANK was going on. I went to lunch at noon and guess what? The dunk tank was going on. Another cup at 2pm to get me over the hump and guess what? Dunk tank was going on, and lots of folks were crowded around watching. So much for productivity today, huh?
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    when's the dunk tank in RAMSEY? There's someone near and dear to my heart that's worth a $100 donation.
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    When you guys get done at the dunk tank, can you help me with my password?

    Oh sorry.....caps lock on..again...sorry to bother anyone.
  12. I must say dragon, that I've never had to read a post at gunpoint before. Maybe you could get a Bambi image or somethin'.

    Go UPS!
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    Don't get me started....take the recent "Jersey day". Pay $5 to wear your favorite sports jersey. So, once again, someone coordinates the sign up (on company time), gives you a sticker that proves you paid the $5 and you can wear the jersey. So, how many folks in Ramsey took part in this United Way fundraiser? I counted 2 Mets fans. Another banner United Way event.

    Jeans Day? You can pay $5 to wear jeans but maintain business casual guidelines. That will look so cool...jeans with shineable dress shoes. They should raise a ton of money on July 3rd when many are taking the day off.

    Dunk Tank...OK. We raised $959 plus sold $488 in merchandise for a total of $1447. Great results, right? Let's post the NET proceeds folks, after dunk tank costs, purchasing the UPS merchandise to sell, huh? Not to mention the folks that were sitting out there (many not on break or lunch) watching people getting dunked.

    I'm sure some will accuse me of being a crumudgeon. I really do support the United Way and think it they do outstanding work. However, I fear that all of these United Way events will turn people away from the actual campaign because quite frankly, it is non-stop solicitation. Enough already!
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    don't forget the upcoming Wii Bowling...should make lots of $$$ on that one. and then there's the car wash...what's next a kissing booth?

    ...loads of fun to be had in I.S.N.J. these days.
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    I have to go now, I just received my 6th email solicitation on Relay for Life and am feeling guilty for writing this.

    You're not on Brown Cafe at work are you?
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    never at work..."Big Brother" is watching...:teacher:
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    Agree with gimmeabreak.
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    Next United Way fundraiser

    For $5.00 you can walk into a manager's office and tell them what you really think of them.


    Add $10 more and you can do it in a team jersey and jeans.

    Just make sure your shoes are shined (and
    your resume has been updated).
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    i don't know who you are, but i like how you think!:happy-very: