Cheating in the North Jersey district.

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    Management in my district is instructing drivers to record deliveries that no attempt was made on as “Emergency Condition” instead of the proper "Missed" pieces that they are. The recent snowstorm and all its difficulties again brought this on. They cut routes, sent some drivers home, and dispatched the rest to a level that would normally take them 10 or 11 hours to do on a June day. Because of the snow, many of these routes cannot be completed before the 12-hour curfew. So, they instruct drivers to record whole sections or areas that the truck has not traveled as “Emergency Condition”. I fully understand the need for this option if a driver makes a valid attempt at a delivery location or to an impassible road, but to use this simply because UPS did not adjust their operation to the weather conditions is wrong and unethical. To fully service their customers and for their employees safety, UPS should lighten routes and put every available truck and driver on the road on these days. Many of these stops are deliverable if only the opportunity was there. I do understand that there will be additional costs to the company if this is done. Regardless, why not record the parcels as they truly are. The many problems that exist at UPS will never be addressed if the company continues to hide or disguise them as something else.
  2. ya, they do that here too. my house is in a rural area but the roads are maintained real good. i had some shipments coming in via ups and each time it was "emergency condition". which is funny, because the mail truck, the fedex truck, the garbage truck all made it to my house just fine....
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    Just one more way to "juggle" the books for you know who to look better- ( I never worked for any management person in my 30 that didn't fudge numbers one way or the other) Damn the truth- full speed ahead
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    I believe that they have to get the OK to use emergency condition from higher up the food chain. By using emergency condition, there won't be a shipping charge refund. If missed is used , then a refund is due.
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    With every squeaky clean operation, you will always find dirt between the cracks and under the carpet. It's like when your mother told you to clean your room for ice cream money. When inspected, you hope she didn't look under the bed or in the closet and find my "emergency condition" quick clean up mess. All I cared for was my ice cream money, isn't that what managing is all about?
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    Just another example of how things differ from one location to another. We do put more routes on in our center and maximize the number of drivers on the street to help clean up, emergency condition can't be abused, they do check. Also, you mentioned a 12 hour cutoff!!?? Are you kidding, we can't work over 9.5 here.
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    Just one more way to "juggle" the books for you know who to look better- ( I never worked for any management person in my 30 that didn't fudge numbers one way or the other) Damn the truth- full speed ahead

    Now why do you make a statement like that? Does it make you feel better to bash management people that you worked with for 30 years?
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    In our center misloads are a huge problem. I will be the first one to admit i hate running them off at the end of the night. I do agree that we should try to service the package,but our mgmt team has stoop to a new low.
    One day i had multiple commercial misloads for a route four towns over. I reported them to center manager probably about noon time and got no response. About 1800 i get a text where can air driver (22.3) meet you. I told them dont bother they are business stops that i know are closed therefore they are missed. I was instructed not to sheet as missed threatened disciplinary action. Ok i wont sheet them ,but i wrote down trackings numbers.
    I got home and went on and track pkgs. They were sheeted as cosignee not available 1st attempt.
    I know it shouldnt bother me but thats Dishonest!!
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    Seen the same situation here.
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    u r so right In my center the rules change daily
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    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Management loves to use the "Act of God" for any kind of natural weather delays, this prevents UPS from refunding the customers due to service failure.

    Bottom line....they will show anything than a "not attempted" delivery.
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    When we have bad weather the "emergency conditions" option seems to be a free pass for delivering NDAs late and not attempting certain stops that drivers don't like to make even in perfect driving conditions. During the last ice storm we were told not to worry about commit times on air and to sheet all of them as bad weather for why they were late. I was called (still a TCD then) in late because some of the full-time drivers and TCDs that lived out in the country couldn't make it to work. When I finally made it to work I found NDAs outside my truck that were in areas of the route I would deliver in the 6000 and 7000 sections and one in the 8000. I ask my sup why I had these and he said that the drivers that normally deliver those must have gave them to me since the commit times were lifted due to weather. I just laughed and told him that the those particular air stops might have made it on time if they had taken them but since the left them for me they are going to be late for sure. NICE!
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    And that would be whose decision? Driver or management? Who knows?

    I had a similiar situation during peak season with a split shipment. I tracked it and the time in transit was correct. Nice job CACH hub.
    The regular driver delivered 4 out of 5 and the 5th package was "need signature" although which was not required by the shipper. The package just happened to be on two different trucks. Now being a retired operator, I would bet a few share of stock, that the package was on the wrong truck, driver who had the package said "no way' and brought it back to the building.
    No big deal, just some Christmas gifts that got here in time, just sometimes I get tired of people assuming management is giving bad instructions or cheating, when every UPS employee makes decisions. The key is to make the right decisions to service our customers.
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    We had a driver with 43 days left until retirement called in to the office because he sheeted a pkg as "missed" instead of "emergency condition" during a recent snowstorm. We were given a cutoff time that day and told that any pkgs undelivered be sheeted "EC". Our interpretation of "EC" is any pkg that cannot be delivered due to conditions beyond our control, in this case, 12" of snow. This delivery could not be attempted because the driver was told to be off the road by a certain time so it was his feeling that he could have delivered the pkg had he been allowed to make the attempt. There was no disciplinary action taken but he was asked in for a conversation more to show the rest of us that anyone, no matter how close to retirement, is subject to disciplinary action for failure to follow instruction. The drivers' contention was that to sheet the pkg as "EC" rather than "missed" was falsifying records, which I agree, but this is one battle that I would rather avoid as not being worth the effort.
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    During one of our bad weather spells this past year, we were instructed in the PCM that no packages were to be sheeted as emergency conditions. Instead, any package that we could not deliver was to be sheeted as "not ready 1". Needless to say all us country drivers looked at each other and rolled our eyes, but whatever, it's their company right?

    Well after a couple days of bringing back half our routes as "not ready", I guess someone at district level wondered what the heck was going on with all these residential customers in the Dulles division who were suddenly "not ready" to receive their packages, so we had another PCM in which we were told that someone "higher up" had decided that we had to go back to using ECD.

    Of course I had customers who tracked their packages during that two days asking me later what it meant, I told them that it was UPS who was "not ready" to deliver that day.
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    Seems to me that there is a real ethics problem in this country.

    We have people who want a job and they want the pay, but are not willing to do the work required to earn it.

    We have companies that want the customers money, but are unwilling to live up to the commitment they made to get the money to begin with.

    And we wonder why this country is in the state it is today.