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    Just a heads up for those in the Chicago area who may or may not have their names on the feeder list. An internal employee at the CACH told me last night that she has been informed to get her cdl permit in preparation for feeder training as they have a need for drivers. This person has 14 years seniority with the company, not sure if that is all FT.

    In the past some drivers who have had their names on the feeder list were passed over because of some questionable acts by center manager`s who wanted to hang on to their drivers for peak. If you have your name on the list then touch base with management and the union to see where you are at in the order and are not left behind.
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    Put my name on, CACH!
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    We need people with skill. We already have plenty that have their work done for them. j/k :funny:
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    I was up in CACH one day waiting on my back trailer to get finished when I had an employee approach me and ask how he can get into feeders. I didn't have the answer for him since I was not familiar with the rules of the local up there. I believe he was part time, but had more than 10 years in if I remember correctly. Do they pull from the nearby centers or do they pull directly from the CACH building?
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    We have a 705 package car wait list and a 705 feeder wait list. If you want to get into feeder you have to be promoted from the full time ranks. Part timers do not go right into feeder.

    Anyone that thinnks they have been wronged and their seniority violated in this case please call 312 738 2800 and ask for your agent.

    It wouldnt be the first time this has happened, and grievances have been filed and won on these violations before.
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    Thanks Red.

    My point was to the folks that have signed up to make sure they check and find out where they are in the order to make sure they pull people fairly and correctly. There are guys on our current board who were pulled out of order because of a package centers actions and have lost valuable seniority they cannot get back now.