Christmas Eve in feeders?

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    So, I've read on here that feeders don't work on Christmas Eve, and my wife and her family are trying to plan it out. So, how does Christmas Eve work for those of us in feeders? I'm not too sure what my run will be for peak, but if I have a night run, would I just work into Christmas eve and then go home, right?
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    Consult your supervisor.
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    They'll need a few people to go to the airport that morning and do a couple other things during the day, but as long as you're on a night run you're off the hook.
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    Most Drivers that have runs that start after around 1400 will be given the option to take the day off and use their entitlements if available to get paid for the day. If a driver wants to work that day they notify dispatch that would like to work that day. Last year a few drivers with afternoon to early evening start times were sent to Los Angeles on a layover. Kind of sucked but the did get paid overtime for their hours worked when they started up again on Christmas Day.
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    Ask your boss bro.
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    Your working dude
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    Yea brah
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    unless your starting in the AM on Christmas Eve, you won't be working that evening.
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    We don't make pickups on Christmas Eve as you might recall. If we pickup up air that day it gets shuttled to the airport in a P57. In my location that is.