COMBO Employees "Top Rate"; 1997- 2002

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  1. excalibur

    excalibur Guest in GREENSBORO, NCarolina, we had a number of part-timers that went Combo with pay rates well above the Combo minimum top rate of $17.50 in 2001 and $18.25 on August 2002. We have filed a grievance that points to contract lanugage which states that they now become the top rate for the classification and we all progress to their pay rate.

    Bottom lines is, if all Full-time UPS employees progress to a singular TOP PAY per classification (package car, feeder drivers, and etc.), then why are we Combo employees here in Greensboro have pay rates that range from $15.76, $16.94, $18.64 and up to $22.39. Do we have a winning case and is this present in other Combo jobs in other UPS buildings!!! ?

    Malcolm eXcalibur
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    At least you guys have combo jobs.
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    Are you sure the jobs you refer to are not actually 22.2 jobs?
  4. excalibur

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    22.2 or 22.3, does it matter one way or the other? The question is, if all full-time classifications make one top rate, then shouldn't we all progress to that top rate!!! ?

    Feed back please...
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    Your trying to rewrite contract language. That is a lost cause. 22.2 jobs are different classification than 22.3. This type of issue should always be assessed and grieved by your BA.
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    Well, under this new contract, all jobs prior to this contract are now consider 22.2!!! ? But the question still remains... if all full-time positions have one top pay, then why are we not being treated in the same manner. Plus after reviewing the new contract, it seems that UPS has realized that this particular language works in our favor and in businesslike fashion, have created a two tier pay scale for any red circle part-timers who may decide to go full-time under this contract and bring with them a higher top pay than what UPS would perfer.

    If I'm wrong, someone please explain, however, this is an argument best left for my fellow COMBO brothers and sista's, so if your not Combo, but know one, have them post here and lets find out what's going on NATIONWIDE!!! ?

    Malcolm eXcalibur
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    Your talking about grieving negotiated wage rates? Good luck.
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    I have a buddy who drives drop boxes in the evening and is a boxline sorter at nite. He gets two different pay rates. He gets the top rate? for driving and the same rate as he would have if he had stayed part time for his inside job, which is higher. Both rates are under $20/hour.
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    ...OK, there are COMBO jobs that consist of driving and inside work. Each of which will have there own Top Pay rate per classification. We have people in GREENSBORO with these type of jobs. But the bottom line is, under the 97- 2002 contract, after 2 years of progression, we will all progress to a TOP PAY for each classification under which you are employeed.

    As for your friend, his situation may be different than our building. I would think the first question would be, how many COMBO employees are there at your building? Where any of these part-timers consider RED CIRCLE prior to going Full-Time Inside COMBO? If there where RED CIRCLE Part-Timers that went Full-Time or just part-timers with pay rates above the contractual rates, did they carry their pay rates with them and thus created a Top Pay rate higher than the rates pre-determined by the negotiated rates at your building?

    This "LOOP HOLE" has now been corrected and under this new contract, they have created two overall pay rates for COMBO jobs to prevent any Part-Time RED CIRCLE employees from taking a COMBO job and creating a new higher pay rate for all COMBO employees under this present contract, by adding the term RED CIRCLE to the language as it pertains to ARTICLE 41. FULL-TIME EMPLOYEES. Section 2 (Page 67- 69), they have now divided the two groups to protect the bottom line...

    This is proof alone that with the language fix, we will be able to ride the coat tails of those employees who have increased the TOP PAY rates for us COMBO employees and thus we should be entitled to some back pay for almost 2 years of being under the wrong progression rates!!! ?

    Malcolm eXcalibur
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    Red-circle means just that: If you go into ANY classification at a rate higher than the starting rate, you are red circled until the progression catches you.

    If you elect to take a job where your present rate is higher than the negotiated top rate, then you get the negotiated top rate for that classification. If you are making more than the negotiated top rate now, then Payroll will catch it and you will go back to the correct rate. After all, it was your choice to take that job.

    IMO, you won't be able to grieve negotiated rates under the contract.
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    Good point again, but this guy does not seem to be listening.
  12. excalibur

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    ...OK, lets try this yet AGAIN!!! ? If you haven't read the contract recently, read PAGE 24; ARTICLE 17. PAID FOR TIME . All employees covered by this Agreement shall be paid for all time spent in service of the Employer. Rates of pay provided for this Agreement shall be minimums. This statement alone is indicative that there may be extenuating circumstances where the pay rate schedule for a classification will not adhere to the projected wages for one reason or another and that the pay amounts indicated may be inaccurate."

    Now as for grieving negotiated rates under the contract, the constituion of the United States has appeals, so don't be surprised that the holy grail of UPS doesn't have similar problems. IE read this link as it pertains to a grievance by a UPS employee who was not being paid correctly. This guy got $38,000 in back-pay, UPS is about there own bottom line and if we don't stand up for something, you all we fall for anything!

    IMO, I've done the research and I've actually read the contract and the loop hole is there, that's why they introduce the RED CIRCLE term into the COMBO lanugage, but not how you envision it, read the NEW contract, then HOLLA BACK...

    Malcolm eXcalibur
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    We shall all await the day you claim victory. Until then I will continue to believe you have no prayer. In fact I envison you presenting a case to the panel and being thrown out on your tucasa as soon as you litigate for the red circle rate as a 22.3.
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    excalibur: I don't need to re-read the contract, but I did read the article you posted from the union's website.

    One thing the article failed to mention: was this guy air driving, or doing hub work? It looks like to me that he was working in the hub, classified as an air driver, and paid incorrectly.

    Your research doesn't clarify that point. Neither did the union news piece.

    Red-circle has been in effect for many years.

    I guess, like the contract, it is all interpretation.