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    Anyone know of drivers who left UPS for a better job? (I know UPS is hard to beat in terms of a good company that pays well) or Either a better job with not as much pay or just something different?
    What are the alternatives for someone want to venture out of UPS...

    Do I go into management, continue to drive, look somewhere else...


    I dont mind driving and could see myself doing it but I like change, either moving into management or going to another company.

  2. 728ups

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    My center manager loves to tell us MCDonalds is always hiring.
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    Alot of the guys that move on go with 1 of their customers.
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    Yeah I thought about that, I deliver and got to know A LOT of businesses, always helps
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    I know that BIG companies will hire ex-ups personal just for the fact they worked for UPS. They may not pay as much, but if it's between an ex-upser and someone will get the job. Unless you're a complete moron.
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    The only one's I know of that went to a better "paying" job is when they went to work for themselves.

    I know many more who went to "better" jobs but those jobs pay less and worse benefits.
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    Many ex-UPSer's apply to work at FedEx.

    I have known 5 ex-on road sups and 1 ex-center manager apply and work for Fred.
    All of them were terminated for falsifying documents at UPS.
    None of them lasted over a year at FedEx
    I have personally known only one UPS driver that quit UPS, after 5 yrs driving in the early 80's, that went to work for FedEx and retired after 20yrs.
    The caveat is that his wife had a "good" job and he had a side business going on while he worked.
  9. gman042

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    When it comes right down to it, UPS enables us to live to the level of comfort that we desire. If you want the lesser hours then you can have them. If you want the over time, you can have it. Now when you say a "Better" job that may not necessarily mean better paying. A better job might be one that is less stressful and we all know what kinds of stress we encounter during the day....boss, dispatch, other drivers on the road, dogs and the cranky customer. It can get the best of you some days. There are not many(read none) better paying jobs out there if you are not a professional. I and my family are in much better place today because of UPS. I would not go back to any of my previous work experiences. Sometimes we forget just how good we have it with this company despite the BS that we have to endure. Getting of the soap box now.
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    a lot of companies use to hire ex ups but now day a lot will (not) and the reason is we make to much and there reason is the ex ups driver would not be a happy employee. think hard befor you move . but if you are that unhappy please move on theres some one waiting to take your spot
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    Hey, not everyone can sell hotdogs.
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    Before you pull the plug on UPS talk to some of the employees of the place you are thinking about going to. The grass always looks greener until you get to the otherside of the fence---then its too late. Very very very few people can truthfully say they love their job. Being unhappy at a job that pays good with great benefits sure beats being unhappy at a sucky low paying no benefits job.
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    I would much rather not reveal how I know this info to be true, but I know of a person who was offered a job for a high powered power company even though he had workers comp issue's with UPS. They didn't care they just knew he/she had great work ethnics and knew he/she was going to be a good worker. "That's all I have to say about that"(Forrest Gump voice):cool:
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    I hear ya,, the job gets boring, quick.. management (operations) is only a good option if you plan on using it for experience on a resume, its a horrible thankless dead end job. Change is scary but ive known ALOT of people who have moved on and done just fine..some make more, some make less, but they all say the management and hourly 'culture' at ups is the most dysfunctional place they have ever seen and they dont miss it