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    EVERYBODY GO TO WEB PAGE and you will get all the facts on how this contract is not good for nobody east ,west and central states .If you cant see that this is just the beginning for worse things to come,a NO VOTE is for all teamsters across the board.
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    Here we go again!
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    If you have a viewpoint or a concern or a valid argument, by all means hack out a response so that we all can read it-I'm interested and want all information that I can get. Please do not just rehash something that someone else said that YOU agree with and then push a NO vote. The more I am pushed to vote no, the more I am leaning to vote yes just because of the agenda that you are force feeding us in large quantities. Please give us arguments, not agendas.

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    are you kidding me if you cant make up your own mind then this is a sorry state
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    Nothing against you personally but looking to TDU is like Hillary Clinton asking advice from Rush Limbough, TDU is out for nobody but themselves, how bout you read the contract for yourself.
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    I've never worked in the Boulder, Colorado center but an IE guy told me that TDU has the place lock, stock and barrel. He told me a story about driving a package car up there and getting GRILLED by a guy: who, what, where and why questions. He jokingly suggested I start a TDU group at the hub. I laughed and said, "I have ENOUGH problems without a TARGET on my back!" -Rocky
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    Exactly. TDU is basically against anything the Teamsters do. They have zero credibility in my book. I will think for myself, thank you.
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    Hey JP,

    Cool your jets!! We've already heard from the propaganda machine TDU...

    They have absolutely zero credibility!!

    Have a nice night.:wink:
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    It's nice to read what TDU and everyone has to say, but that's where it should end. If you can't make up your own mind after reading the contract for yourself....then please don't vote!
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    TDU's camp won the 1997 strike which was a huge victory. This new contract however, contains everything we struck over.
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    Won the strike? Huge victory? Time to get the tin foil hats on........
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    Yes, TDU is anti-Hoffa (*duh*), but except for initially OVERstating the raise Hoffa got for part-timers the info from TDU has been accurate. If you're not in the CS pension plan there's nothing much in this contract besides a sub-inflation general wage increase and givebacks. And, as I understand it, UPS was ALREADY on the hook for most or all or more than $6.1 billion for their CS underfunding obligation when that plan rolled over and sank, so even if I buy the idea that I should sacrifice for my CS brothers, it's not clear exactly how much beneifit we're buying them by taking the short end of this stick. This isn't something you can tell by reading the contract -- it takes economic analysis, which the Hoffa camp isn't giving us access to. Simple basic stuff -- like how MUCH money in total is the company estimated to save by holding back insurance and holidays from new part timers vs how much money in total it is estimated they are going to increase the H&W benefit, inflation adjusted, for the rest of us... If the Teamsters haven't done that analysis, they've been derelict. And if they don't give it to us, they're being duplicitous. And it's precisely because TDU has an axe to grind that they may be willing to help us out on this.
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    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - oh wow... hoo boy, that was a good one, thanks Mate :)
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    good point