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    It would seem to me that the Union would have hard financial numbers in their hands. Real numbers on what the company can afford to pay out to its employees in wages and benefits and still make a profit. Obama care for example, must be costing more with each year? Does anyone know if the Union hires consultants to provide this information?
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    Are you from Wally World?

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    No, he's one of your brethren
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    yea just like walmart cant afford to pay their employees minimum wage and benefits... Its called corp greed whats killing the US economy......NOT UNIONS!
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    the Teamsters dont give a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: about the company, only what they can get from it

    and vice versa
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    Yeah no :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:, why even bother pointing that out then? What came first the chicken or the egg? Are you saying the collective greed of one side is greater than the other? It's called checks and balances. I'd say both sides pushing each other is a main factor which positioned UPS at the top of the heap. It is a highly dysfunctional marriage where both parties claim they don't need the other, are being used and can do better, yet we are all the best in the business.
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    Would you care actually care about a company that you worked for if you were harrassed almost every day and told you werent working hard enough. A company that tells you that safety comes 1st yet there policies and #s dont mix. So if you do follow their safety procedures you cant make their production numbers that Atlanta calls for. You can only push someone so much before they push back!
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    Once Obamacare kicks in, the union will address the "intent of language". Obamacare is not a creation to prevent employers to cut healthcare of employees. It is to give healthcare to the benefitless.
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    lol are you serious? did you even read the OP before you snapped out a reply to me?
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    Lol I think most unions have learned its best to keep the company profitable.
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    Sorry, we're closed......the moose out front should have told you
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    What senior drivers get paid now is unsustainable. That's why so much volume has left us, and why so many are laid off, and the rest overloaded. Of course, the gross number of managers they have on staff is an even bigger drain on the bottom line. Keep it up, and 10 years from now UPS won't exist. What we need is less office staff and language in the contract that demands hourlies be treated like human beings. That's about it.

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    I think the teamsters know a lot. As far as who gets the numbers is beyond me. When hall spoke here, he knew quite a bit. Staying competitive is a big deal for sure. Why do we have sure post? Cause fed ex has smart post. If they didn't have it, UPS wouldn't have it. Based on shippers if we did away with sure post, we could lose upwards of 26,000 jobs nationwide. That's why the teamsters will allow UPS To keep it, just maybe with some restrictions.

    Always remember this, if there was no more UPS, there would be no more Teamster union. Period.