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    Fear not. Hillary will carry on the torch
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    ObamaCare's 7 Tax Hikes On Under $250,000-A-Year Earners - Forbes
    From a decidedly Republican leaning site. One or two of these may hit a random 1 - 1,000 UPSer...and it's not even that bad IMO.
    1. We have insurance - no tax
    2. We don't have HSA' least no one over here does. Even if someone does, OTC's aren't terribly expensive. No tax/little if any effect
    3. We don't have HSA's - no tax
    4. This is the one that may hit a UPSer. Raising the medical deduction from 7.5% to 10%. If you have a medical condition that reaches 10% of your yearly income then I pray for your family and your survival. This one may hit a very small portion of us.
    5. We don't have HSA's - no tax
    6. 10% Tanning Tax - Not my thing personally. I get plenty of sun...most UPSers do. And tanning is just a bad idea in general. Don't like the tax, but I can see why you would try to tax it out of existence...just like cigarettes.
    7. My families insurance was either 14,700 or 17,400...can't remember which...either is over/under $10,000 away from the cadillac tax. Maybe a family of 6 or 7 might take the hit on this one. How many families of 6 or 7 are there?

    My thinking on this is yeah there's a few things that may hit us. I don't like taxes in general, but it's blown way out of proportion by the talking media heads. The biggest hitters are going to hit less than 5%. Sucks...yes...End of the World scenario that some folk thinks it is...not even a little bit. At least not for UPSers.
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    You're gonna make the Atomic Smurf cry.
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    ​But Rush said......
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    As far as the HSA's. I realize the teamsters have better\less out of pocket cost for insurance then mgmt. I have had 3500 a year for quite a few years I put into HSA's. (My kids need braces and that costs quite a bit, plus routine medical costs etc). I've used the whole 3500 each year and then some. So now, I will only be able to put away 2500 next year. Which means, I'll pay tax on an extra 1000 in revenue.
    I'm sure I'm not alone.
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    I guess I must be the only person who remembers obama saying, "....if you make less than $250,000 a year your taxes won't go up a penny.". Would that be a lie?

    He also said , " can keep your doctor and your healthcare provider". Would that be another lie?

    Tell me again about the "...end of the world scenario".

    Some of you are too GD dumb to realize what is gradually happening.
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    Again, I'm not advocating it's a good or bad thing for anyone. I'm putting out the facts and wether or not it hits you or not is subjective. It's not life threatening in any way shape or form. And yes I do remember Obama saying if you make under $250,000 your taxes won't go up. It's just another example of us working for the fed instead of the fed working for us. It does hit a small amount of UPSers. And Beentheredonethat, I feel for ya man...I really do, but this has to do with the contract negotiations...the way you responded leaves me to believe you're non union so I didn't factor in managements healthcare or other outside employees.
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    Seriously are you always this high strung? Speaking of presidents not keeping their promises I remember Bush saying "Mission Accomplished", H. Bush saying "read my lips: no more new taxes" and Reagan promising that trickle down economics is panacea that will expand the middle class. How are those promises doing? It's not just the Dems turning out society. It's all politicians turning us out. Widen your scope and you'll be much more accurate.
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    From the same source as above. Seems to be a pretty reliable source as we can see..... $1,000 bonus confirmed in conference call. Healthcare still on table again confirmed in conference call. No pay increase for Part timers again confirmed in conference call. UPS wanting a 7 year deal confirmed in conference call. So I think we can establish my source is pretty reliable.

    So here is the update I got as of April 18th:

    Contract negotiations are moving forward and making progress. Co-pays and deductibles most likely to go up, but not to the level TDU posted. Also not to the level of CURRENT central states plan.
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    UPS can propose anything they want. It is what is agreed upon that matters. Once the agreement is in, then we get to vote on it to either solidify the deal or strike it down. Does it matter if UPS proposes a $0.01 a year? They always proposed the $1000 bone us deal. We are so sething for information. Do you guys always ask for updates while your wives go shopping? No. You tell her what you want, she goes and gets it with the understanding of what's best for the family. Right? If you don't like it you send her back out to get something better.
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    I've been a UPSer for over 16 years. Was at the strike in 97 - got my 22.3 job in 2000. I never heard of the 1,000 bonus, exactly what is that all about? Granted, I was 19 when I started there, I didn't care about the contract.. Lol. Just find me my beer. =)

    Now that I'm 36, things have changed a little. Lol.
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    UPS has been proposing that since 97. They want you to dangle upfront cash in your face to change the vote. That is instead of a raise. It's a total joke. I'd rather a 5 cent raise over 1000 bucks. Before the TDUers misinterpret the last sentence, I DO NOT MEAN THAT I WANT THE UNION TO PROPOSE A 5 CENT RAISE!!
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    You're the one that said it! Just saying.
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    Contract of '81 or '82, something like that. Economy in recession. UPS wants consessions. $8.00 an hour for new PTers. Not all that bad for 1982. I think there was a 3 year wage freeze also. $1000.00 bonus for FT. $500.00 bonus for PT. No one thought than the starting wage for PT would still be $8.00 an hour 30 years later. Be carefull about concessions.
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    Seems the bonus' have been nixed.

    As you were.
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    Glad I could help
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    I hope that us teamsters make a stand on this contract. If we give into to concessions like this when business is good, what kind of concessions will we take when business slows down.

    It sounds as if our teamster leaders have become as bad as politicians. As much as Jim Casey would be dissapointed with UPS, our former teamsters who worked so hard to get us where we are now, would be rolling in their graves to see union negotiators just bend to the will of UPS