Coronavirus lawsuit negligence

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by altstewie, Mar 20, 2020.

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    I've been a pre-loader for over 19 years and I just spent the whole week home self isolating to prevent bringing this 2 week illness home and away from my 2 young kids as well as my 2 elderly parents. They forced me to use 2 sick and 2 personal (guess they missed Wednesday). Either way I have 2 personals left then I start breaking into vacation time which would have me off until April 1st. Had to bring my 2 year old to skin Dr and have no idea if using sick time keeps your benefits going or not, maybe only if you've started a vacation? Anyone else besides me finding all this ironic? I don't remember signing up to be part of Homeland Security or the National Guard, 11 months a year we're the rabble that doesn't even deserve to stay on the clock even when there is still work to be done and now while everyone else is being told to stay out of public we somehow have become the nation's only hope to push through this? I dunno seems like more UPS nonsense involving the stock prices and that corporate greed to try and stay open. Anyone been offered hazard pay seeing as how we are supposed to be in the front lines of this disaster day after day? First cases in a warehouse in Cali have gone public and I'm sure over the next week more will come out. Discipline has seemed to come to a pause from what I hear from my local 71 shop steward but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. I dunno fellas just seems like another case of only getting help "IF" you end up catching the virus but until you do we're all just complaining canon fodder. Anyone seen any of the suits putting themselves in harms way to keep all the vital supplies going out to the public? The CEO who claims we are "essential" been on the front lines to keep "vital" supplies like toys, makeup, furniture and wind chimes from not getting to their destinations?! If UPS was concerned with OUR well-being wouldn't we start limiting shipments to only sanitizing products, medical supplies and drugs people need to survive for the next few weeks, cutting staffing and the amount of people in the warehouses, temperature checks at the guard shacks, wipes for every truck? Sorry for the rant but after 19 years of listening to this company talk out of both sides of their face I wanted to put my rant out after observing the negligence this company is having while all us worker bees try to stay safe.
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    You need to talk to a steward, there is paid time off if you're quarantining.
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    Only IF you have a positive diagnosis from what I've been told. Choosing to stay home without any symptoms to try and avoid getting sick and they just penalize you. I would go without pay if the option was available but they are taking all "discretionary" time from me up to 1 week they cannot take., almost like an FMLA case. If I were to show symptoms and end up contracting the virus THEN they would be forced to replenish all used time. Either way instead of trying to prevent spread they want you to catch it first then you can apply for the newly enacted benefits they set up. Sorry again for that long post guys :happy-very:
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    If a doctor gives you a quarantine you should be good even without a positive test. If you're sick as I am I'm not going to work.
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    Oh well ya if you choose to not go to work for no reason you don't get paid and probably will be fired. Seems like common sense.
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    Just document all occurrences. Sick employees being allowed to work, filthy conditions, no ppe. Take pics and video. Attorneys will have a field day with this company given their complete disreguard for basic safety protocols with this virus.
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    make sure you have the camera out and focus on recording management, make sure you make eye contact as you record them. If you can ask to meet with LP and record that as well.
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    Seems to me that in a building of 1000 people, 40 people could walk in all having been infected by 40 different carriers. Simply impossible to know at this point.
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    Once the attorneys go back to work, that is.
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    I have video of the bathrooms- no anti bacterial soap. I have a video walk through of going into work and walking to my work area and going through the work area no wipes or hand sanitizer. I have a video of 6 guys in a trailer unloading and then with 3 pullers as well.

    I have 6 weeks of vacation. I would really just like to use them now. But I was told I can’t switch my vacations since we’re short staffed. If I was sick or family member was sick or was quarantined by dr then I could take the new sick paid time and possibly disability.
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    I guess start licking doorknobs till you get it?
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    He needs to see a doctor and go on FMLA for his butthurt.
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    Almost all of us are going to get it in the next 12 to 18 months, whether at work or outside of work. The cat is out of the bag. The question is if herd immunity due to exposure happens before a vaccine gets approved. Don't over panic. The coming depression caused by unnecessary panic will be much more harmful to the lives of Americans than the virus.
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  16. Fenris

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    Do UPS and the Union get sued when someone catches the flu and dies?
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    And you still find the time and energy to post on brown cafe. What a trooper.

    DELACROIX In the Spirit of Honore' Daumier

    The only ones working now are with the corporations, the best ones that money can buy. The Union Leadership is and always will be looking out for the product, the Union is no longer it's membership and they will cut and run in a minute, they lost their mission statement decades ago (People Helping People)...

    Both parties will find a loophole somehow, somewhere if that does not work they will lobby to get out of any liability.

    When was the last time any executive of a major company or a union president went to jail over committing a crime over the last 40 years besides the ERON debacle and Martha Stewart.

    (Plausible Deniability)....
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    If I have been told to self-quarantine, will TeamCare provide short-term disability benefits? The short-term disability benefit will be paid provided the member has a medical requirement to self-quarantine from either Teladoc, a qualified health care professional, or a state or federal health agency. Affected members should complete the Coronavirus Short-Term Disability Claim Form and return to TeamCare. If you are receiving compensation (paid leave) during this period from your employer, short-term disability benefits will not be payable
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    UPS or the Union don't dictate your health needs. If you fell sick or a member of your household. Call your doctor or use telemedicine and they will issue you a quarantine. Tell your boss you can not work for medical reasons and apply for short term disability immediately. Short term disability keeps your benefits and has not be done no matter what.