Crossing the Picket Line


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Yup. Here we are not allowed. Verizon went on strike a few years ago when I was in package. We didn’t take anything out. Supervisors met Verizon management at designated locations to make deliveries


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Los Angeles teachers are on strike . Can I refuse to deliver packages going to any of the 3 schools on my route ?

Yes but be sure those teachers are on strike. Some schools may not be in the same district or may even be private schools.


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For the most part if you have to physically cross a strike line, don't deliver. If everyone but management is gone and someone is at the office, go ahead. I would call the district main office since that would be a good way to CYA.


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It’s probably more about the class sizes and resource allocation. Doesn’t matter what you make if you’ve got 50 kids in your class who you’re also buying supplies for and your workday is unmanageable.
I wonder how many are children of, or are themselves, illegals?