Day after "THANKSGIVING" is a "HOLIDAY" !!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by gorilla75jdw, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. wide load

    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    The ass that couldn’t quote appropriately is now correcting my grammar? That’s funny. I’d rather take a $300 day off and work the $900. But you’d rather take high paid days of instead. Makes sense. Choices we live by. Carry on with scraping by.
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  2. He is long retired . But I agree with you on working the overtime days.
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  3. wide load

    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    It’s the same guy that will not work for 900 but goes in the Saturday after.
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  4. wide load

    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    Cuz you’re smart!
  5. rod

    rod #1 on Upstates "list"

    You’re funny
  6. Jkloc420

    Jkloc420 Well-Known Member

    black friday was the day you rested the horses
  7. wide load

    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    I’ll rest on Saturday and sunday
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  8. I'm there to make money bit I do understand that people do have plans
    And you can't always put a price tag on everything
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  9. Jkloc420

    Jkloc420 Well-Known Member

    you do what @Future tells you
  10. iruhnman630

    iruhnman630 Well-Known Member

    With the exceptions of some local supplements, they can make us work any day of the year.

    The disputes sometimes come in when they do so on late notice..

    Our start times are posted on Friday, and afaik once those are posted they can try but cannot actually enforce changes to that schedule except in emergency situations

    We have some issues regarding this Saturday, where some were informed as late as Tuesday they will be forced in on Saturday.
  11. wide load

    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    NE supplement is clear
  12. Brisket

    Brisket Well-Known Member

    if you are on vacation, never, EVER answer your phone from anyone associated with ups management, enjoy it.
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  13. Vacation

    Vacation Member

    Her they can not force us to work the holiday or our 6th day they can only ask/beg. I will be taking full advantage of that and enjoying the day with my kids.
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  14. Two Tokes

    Two Tokes Give it to me Baby

    Yeah, $900 for the day sucks. If you chose not to work on that day, then your a dope[/QUOTE]
    I always ask for my 8
    They usually punish me with 10
    Thanks for the giving
    It's easy money and yes I live within my means and yes I understand that there are more important things than money
    I also have plenty of time off
  15. rod

    rod #1 on Upstates "list"

    You're no fun to argue with. Hell you didn't even call me any childish names.
  16. Maybe tomorrow.
  18. burrheadd

    burrheadd KING Of GIFS

  19. no more than 9

    no more than 9 "Livin' the Dream"

    I'll be exercising my seniority and be reporting to parcel on Monday.
  20. iowa boy

    iowa boy Well-Known Member

    Its a required day here also, but the funny part is they put up a signup sheet for guys that wanted the day off as they were "thinking" we are gonna be slower on Friday. Cant wait for the Crap show to unfold tomorrow morning, its gonna be fun.