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    Do you have to drive a full year before you are entitled to any personal days of any kind? I know for vaction its that way but is there a difference or do they even have such a thing? Nobody in this company tells you anything!
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    There is this little blue book called "The Contract" where you can find the answer to this and most other work-related questions.
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    Find out who your union steward is in your Hub and ask him/her this question because it depends on your region. Also get a copy of the contract so that you are aware of your rights as an employee. What you will come to find is that most of management is not on your side especially when it comes to questions like these.


    Ive tried getting a contract NUMEROUS times and nobody ever gets one to me. Thanks for your awesome answer though it was REAL helpful, I hope you sense the strong amount of sarcasm.


    Phil that wasnt intended for you, thanks for your reply.
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    What you will find in time is that the union is about worthless.
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    No prob glad to help when I can
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    Worthless enough to negotiate great benefits, good pension and decent raises.... Right mule?
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    Wrong again, mine is gold.
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    You can read a copy of the contract and you supplement online. Ask you shop steward for a copy and keep asking them everyday until they get you ca copy.
    UPS Contracts and Supplements | Teamsters for a Democratic Union

    In the future if your looking for information about something try googling it. You be surprised what you can find.
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    You can take days off any time you want. Whether or not you get paid for it would be a different story.
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    Lmfbo...aint that the truth!!!!!
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    Any union can do that. It is the ones who almost bankrupted our whole retirement plan taking care of theirk non-UPS interests, that is what bothers me. Only when WE stood up to them that they began working with the company to fix problem. Shouldn't have to pay someone to be your biggest liablility. Add to that how long it takes to get a grievance settled, as well as all the garbage the company pulls that can and should be stomped out proactively by the union, but they wait until warning letters are in place. Teamsters need to learn the difference between THEIR best interest, and ours.