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  1. dcdriver

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    Driver A delivers to apartment building leaves every thing at the rental office gets one stop.

    Driver B delivers to apartment building leaves ever thing at the rental office get multiple stops.

    Which driver is right and which driver is wrong?
  2. Dustyroads

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    The correct method would be going to each apartment, attempting to contact a consignee. If no one is home, one should post a delivery notice on the door, saying that the package was left at the office. When you have made an attempt at all of the apartments, then, you take the ones that aren't home to the manager's office. Then, the ones he signs for, you code, left at, it will prompt you to say where they were all left at, and then it will count them as all individual stops.

    If a driver has some situation where they do not make an attempt at every door, perhaps for some security reason, but instead drop all of them at an office or mailroom, then it is just one stop.
  3. IWorkAsDirected

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    I know most management would call it padding stops if you take more than one when leaving at the office and getting one signature. HOWEVER in order to create accurate records it's important to identify each shipment by entering the apartment number or name and that does take more time. So........... bottom line have a talk with your management team.
  4. Dustyroads

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    Out in my part of the country, we are required to make an attempt at every apartment that has a package, and, you are correct, one needs to put the apartment number in the appropriate room number field. Actually, putting the apt number in gives one an extra milisecond allowance, but one needs to enter it for each apartment that gets packages. Likewise, one should scan each delivery notice that you leave on doors of people not home.

    It is possibly different in other parts of the country, but out here in the middle, that is the rule, make a legitimate attempt at each door, tag the ones that are gone, and they are individual stops.
  5. DS

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    Dusty, its the same here in Toronto.Lots of apts here.If for example I have 3 stops in the bldg...where very often if the supt dislikes the occupant,they will not accept thier pkgs.Heres what I do....Go to the apt say apt 816...scan an info notice,the apt # and pkg...knock on the 3 doors closest to there on the way to the elevator,if not in hit prerecord.go to next stop say apt stop apt 215...prerecording as you go...last stop ask the supt if she will sign and anything she wont ,leave the appropriate info notice on each occupants mailbox in the lobby.This works well for me.I get credit for every stop that I actually tried to deliver.

    did that make sense?
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    At the apartment building I deliver to... when the manager isn't there i have to attempt every package but when the manager's there she takes everything. I leave notes on their mailboxes and put them in the mailroom. Been doing this for years.
  7. tworavens

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    My apartments are all college students, so no one is ever at home. I make sure to deliver while the management is in their office, every apartment gets sheeted separately and I scan a delivery notice for each stop, then prerecord. The manager signs for all at once, and I leave notes on each mailbox. This counts as only 1 stop since I mark all but one as Dup in the prerecord screen. Sucks when I have 12 notes to write but only get credit for one stop, but that's the way my sup wants it.

    I have a condo building where I do the same thing. The place is a rat's maze, there's no way I'm going to call all those people on the intercom and wander around for 15 minutes delivering 4 stops. It all goes to the office. I sweet-talk the building managers quite a bit so they don't mind. During peak or when I have bulky or heavy packages I call each stop though.
  8. grgrcr88

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    that is exactly how it should be done unless you actually go to the door of each and make an attempt. You should get credit for all actual attempts made.
  9. GoBrown???

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    I have 2 condo complexes on my route. i first go to each unit and attempt a delivery and if no one is home i scan info notice a stop complete. the when i get to the office i resheet each of my not ins again and do left at you multiple stops however it also answer managements question on why are you at a complex for x amount of time for x amount of stops...checks and balances...thats my motto
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You may think about writing a book--let me offer you a working title--Padding Stops For Dummies.
  11. Big Babooba

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    I do the same except for one difference - When I get to the office, I sheet everything as a duplicate stop / left at. By scanning a delivery notice and stop completing at every apartment, you've established the delivery attempt time. This is specially important for air packages. When you indirect those packages to the office, you are making a second attempt and shouldn't be taking credit for the stop again. I like to eat....that's my motto.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    The only problem with that is you can't indirect/multiple left at a duplicate stop.
  13. Big Babooba

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    Yes you can.

    1. Rescan package(s) and prerecord each stop.
    2. On the prerecorded stop screen, mark each stop as either dup/res or dup/comm.
    3. Get signature.
    4. Stop complete and enter L/A location.
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  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I will have to try that because I have always marked the stop as DUP and then when I would try to indirect and would be unable to. Thanks.
  15. tworavens

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    When you scan a package and then prerecord it, the scan time remains as long as you don't go into that stop again once it has been prerecorded. I could scan a NDA at 10:28 and prerecord, then do a prerecord / left at at 11:00 and it won't show up late.

    The way you do it works, but you are just making more work for yourself by scanning each package twice.

    I like to eat too, the sooner I get done and get home, the sooner I get to eat.
  16. Big Babooba

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    That's what I used to do but I showed up on a report and was questioned because of the time interval between stops.
  17. tworavens

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    Wow. Haven't heard of that one yet.:dissapointed:
  18. rocket man

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    NO ITS NOT Because YOU HAVE 15 STOPSAT APT COMPLEX 5 APTS RECIVE PKG 10 left they were not in you pre record all ten as your doing them then when you leave them at office they sign its 10 stops BUT remmeber if one othose 10 pkgs were a 3 pm saver it will come up late if you putthat one in prerecord with other 9 stops WHEN you have say a po boxes at a ups store thats ONE STOP IF yo do otherwise thats padding stops.
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  19. robot

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    I recently got sent back to package car and stuck on a route with 120-140 stops. 90% rinky dink gated apts. To stay on schedule you have to be done with all del by 1400!

    I'm guessing they realized this was impossible so this route is coded to driver release all the apt stops! I thought this was odd and double checked with the sups. They said to do it. /shrug
  20. stevetheupsguy

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