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    Dennis Weaver is the third one to go!
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    Oh my God, I killed the man.

    Should never have mentioned the "three" thing.
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    I always admired Dennis Weaver for his pro-active "I live what I say" approach to environmental issues. His home not far outside of the Telluride area of Colorado was a living testimony of his belief and was an inspiration to many alternative home construction methods that opened the door for many others around the country. Many Hollywood types scream about environmental issues and the evils of SUV's and once the interview is over they depart by riding off into the sunset behind the wheel of their custom Hummer. Dennis was nothing os the sort and when he spoke IMO their was good reason to listen and hear the man out.

    RIP and thank you for being an inspiring voice to many of us who listened to what you had to say.

    Founder's Report written by Dennis Weaver entitled New Blood. Worth the read IMO.
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    If anyone wishes to make an argument against the patriot act then they have an obligation to tell us how we will ensure we are terrorist free without it.
  5. If anyone wishes to stifle free speech, then they have an obligation to tell us how the 'Patriot Act' insures that we are kept terrorist free.

    PS- Dennis Weaver is still dead, so he can't defend his point, but I believe his article laid it out much more rationally than you ever could. Quote from Mr. Weaver's essay:

    President Bush is not only lobbying for an extension of the Patriot Act but is requesting that congress make it permanent. He wants it forever? Its hard enough to get a piece of legislature reversed even if it is not permanent. Income tax for instance. It was voted a necessity during World War I. There wasnt enough money to support the war from the sale of war bonds, so income tax was created with the assurance that it would be repealed after the war was over. Not only was it not repealed but, over the years congress has increased it. And that was a war that had a definite ending.
    Our freedoms and our private lives are sacred. Are we willing to give up that which the founders of our country gave their blood to give us? Is it not our responsibility to pass on to those who follow the freedoms and the right to privacy, which we have been given? Security is important but not if we have to sacrifice our freedom and our civil liberties, not if we shred the protection that our constitution guarantees us. Security without freedom is meaningless. There are thousand of individuals incarcerated in our prisons that are secure but live futile lives of desperation without freedom.
    Patriotism does not mean that we acquiesce meekly to those in power, but to speak out when we feel that they are making decisions contrary to the good of our country and the welfare of its people.
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  7. So you believe that we should give up our freedoms for an added sense of security? I believe the Founding Fathers had some thoughts on that.
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    The thing is You keep saying give up our freedoms but I have not given up a dang thing. my life has not changed.