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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Up_and_at_UPS, Aug 28, 2007.

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    I was surprised to learn that my dependants will have no coverage for three years! Since when did UPS make part-time employees wait three years for dependant coverage? I am a rehire this year, I last worked for UPS in '03 and my dependants were covered then. That was in NC doing midnight sort, now I am in IL doing preload. Does the shift and location make a difference? Also, is there a union manual online? Not gripin', just stunned. I was counting on the benies.:sad:
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    Wow, never heard that one! Please post back what you find out.
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    As a ptime employee you have to work 3 years to receive dependant coverage. How long were you working ptime in n.c? Were are you at in il? You will have a great chance to go ftime here and your family receives benefits once you go through your 40 day probation period. Feel free to pm or email me.
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    Up&@, are you in metro Chicago/local 705? If so, that's the way it's been since at least Aug. 1, 2002 (we're under our own, separate contract similar to the NMA). I had to break the same news to the feeder driver who pulls the trailer I load every night. One of his sons was looking to get a preload job & go back to school, but with no dependent coverage I don't know if he could. It's my understanding there is dependent coverage for part-time management, perhaps you should put in a letter.
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    This is one of the new, creative ways to KEEP you here!! ( Hotel California...):sad:

    Mgmt has had to deal with this concept for some time now. The account executives receive their raises, but a little at a time. Some of it now, some of it in a year or two. And the same with the stock they receive. Some of it now, some of it in three years.

    What a great way to incent our employees!!
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    I am not sure this is true everywhere. When i was hired (2 weeks ago) I was told after 6 months. I have a paper they gave me that reads

    After 6 months of employment medical, dental,vision,prescription,emplotyee life insurance"

    So is this wrong? Or is the devil in the "eligble dependents"?
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    You have somewhere around 20 different supplements covering ups/teamster members across the nation. Not everything is the same from state to state and contract to contract. Get with your steward to see how it is in your area and dont always believe what ups hr says.