DF Door tags


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From the 2 attempts thread, My center used to have the orange colored door tags for DF 's, usually that got some action after the 1st attempt. It was so simple & it worked, why don't we use them anymore. Same thing with barcodes on the DF papers, some OMS's put them on some don't. Why can't they come from corporate with bar code printed on the paper?


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I personally don't like leaving a note for a DF. too me it gives the person heads up that we are coming and the dishonest people will avoid coming to the door or fabricate a response. I think if you catch them off gaurd you are more likely to catch them in a lie.

I also think that the driver that delivered the concerned package should be the one doing the follow up. How any times have you gone to a house and they say, "well the driver never left the package," or "the package was left _____."? If you are not the offending driver then you don't know the facts of the delivery and have no arguement for hte concern.
I don't know about you guys/girls but 97.6% of my concerns are from cover driver from times I was off or on vacation. Then sometimes you end up getting a block on DR's if the concern was valued at over $100. thanks cover driver! :angry: