DFW **NIGHT** ramp/hub operation closing!!

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    Our P/T F/T managers called a meeting of all employees middle of the sort this morning November 26, 2008 and informed us of the intention of the company to close the NIGHT ramp/hub operation On February 8, 2009:speechless: No more explanation than that outside of the regular please the share holder words like streamline and positioning for success. Very little in the contract discusses a closure like this so many of us are apprehensive of our futures with UPS. Of course all shift transfers are not going to be considered.

    At this time all I can say is the union better be standing on this issue and negotiate a good deal for us. I don't want some "fair" deal. I want a good for us deal. I would like to see the southern region open to us for jobs. I would guess there are 200+ people on this shift and 30 of those people are full time combos. If I move outside of the district (200 mile radius) I lose seniority with the sort but if in the district I keep my sort seniority. The company is forcing me to completely change my lifestyle so letting me have many choices is important to me. With 12 years in I feel like I am at least owed that. Go any where in the southern region if there is a job for me.
  2. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Purchased 10 UPS MK contracts today (2009 Jan 55.00 Put) @3.50. Don't like pulling a Pete Rose, but I figure one of two things;

    I'll lose money on the investment, but I'll still be employed, or

    I'll make money on the investment, and will need it due to being unemployed
  3. what center do you work out of ??
  4. Columbia SC (CAE) is closing the NDA sort also. I also just read that we are pulling out of Decauter IL (2 aircraft) - all told it looks like 44 flights and 22 aircraft. Unfortunately I am sure the layoffs are soon to follow.
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    Theres not really much the union can do, more then likely there arent jobs out there to fill in, so hows a no deal sound? that fair deal is pretty snazzy then isnt it?
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    I would imagine that affected workers will get 1st right to new openings in other buildings.

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    Well yea but in the economy not many people are willing to give up a job even if its pt...and we re not creating new jobs either
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    As you'll see there are processes and procedures for closing down operations.

    UPS has closed sorts, and buildings based on volume levels, hopefully this will answer some of your concerns.
    From the NMA, you may want to contact your local union BA as well, if you have any further questions.

    Article 38

    Change of Operations
    Section 1.
    (a) The Employer agrees that prior to any change in its operation that will result in a change of
    domicile, and/or possible layoff of seniority employees, it shall notify the affected Local Union(s) in
    writing and then meet jointly with them to inform them of the proposed changes and to resolve
    questions raised in connection with the proposed change. During this joint meeting the Employer
    and the Union shall reduce to writing all agreed upon issues and both parties shall sign the written
    document in acknowledgement of such agreement. The parties shall also reduce to writing all
    unresolved issues, if any, and they shall be referred directly to the appropriate Regional Change of
    Operations Committee. This meeting shall be completed where practical at least forty-five (45) days
    prior to the proposed change. The change may not be implemented until the forty-five (45) days' notice
    is provided and the meeting is completed unless the operational change is dictated by emergency
    conditions. The Union shall not unreasonably delay the scheduling or completion of the requested
    meeting. Any unresolved issues reflected in Section (c) below, which have been reduced to writing,
    will be resolved pursuant to that Section.
    In all locations where the Employer implements "satellite" facilities, the Employer shall meet with the
    affected Local Union(s) and discuss the issues covered by this Article.
    (b) Any agreed to change of operations reached by the Local Union(s) and the Employer shall be
    reduced to writing and filed with the Joint National Change of Operations Committee. It is understood
    that a regional area representative of the affected region(s) shall sit on the Joint National Change of
    Operations Committee.
    (c) A Joint Change of Operations Committee will be established in each Regional area and will resolve
    issues arising out of the proposed change of operations. The Committee will resolve issues involving
    seniority application, health and welfare, and pension coverage and layoff questions for employees who
    are involved in the change. All affected parties will make reasonable efforts to convene and attend the
    Regional Joint Change of Operations Committee meeting prior to the scheduled implementation date to
    resolve these issues.
    If the Regional Joint Change of Operations Committee is unable to resolve the issues, such issues shall
    be referred to the Joint National Change of Operations Committee for resolution. If no resolution is
    reached, outstanding issues shall be referred to the National Grievance Committee for resolution. If the
    issues reflected in this Section are not resolved by the Joint National Change of Operations
    Committee, they shall be submitted to an expedited arbitration using the arbitrators on the
    National Panel for that area.
    The Committee which decides the issues, as described above, shall retain jurisdiction for a period of
    twelve (12) months following the change of operations decision. The decision of the Committee shall be
    final and binding.
    Unless specifically covered in individual Supplements, Riders or Addenda, the following shall apply:
    (1) Whenever a center is closed and the work is transferred to or absorbed by another center, the affected
    employees will be entitled to follow their work and their seniority shall be dovetailed at the new center.
    (2) Whenever a center or hub is partially closed and the work of package drivers and all other regular
    employees, part-time and full-time, excluding feeder drivers, is transferred to or absorbed by another
    center, the affected employees may either follow their work and have their seniority dovetailed in the
    new center or be allowed to exercise their seniority in their present center and displace the least senior
    employee in their respective classifications. If any of the employees whose work is transferred elects not
    to follow his/her work, then he or she shall have the same rights as the remaining employees on the
    seniority list from which the work was transferred to bid the work being transferred. Those employees
    who follow the work shall have their seniority dovetailed in the new center.
    (3) In a Change of Operations affecting feeder drivers, the following language will apply: Whenever a
    center is partially closed and the feeder work is transferred to or absorbed by another center, all feeder
    drivers, in seniority order, will have the option of following the available work and have their seniority
    dovetailed in the new center or be allowed to exercise their seniority in their present center, and take
    whatever jobs become open as a result of other employees following the work or taking a layoff. If a
    senior feeder driver elects to take a job which has been transferred out, the displaced employee(s) will
    fill the vacated job(s) by seniority until the next bid.
    (d). The language contained in Section 1(a) shall be applicable to the Employer’s implementation
    of “satellite” facilities, provided, however: (1) the issues subject to discussion shall not be limited
    by paragraph (c) of this Section and, (2) in the event the issues cannot be resolved by the
    Employer and the Local Union, or, subsequently, in accordance with the established local area
    practice, the open issues may be referred to the Vice-President of Labor Relations and the Parcel
    and Small Package Division Director, or their designees. If no resolution is reached, all
    outstanding disputes shall be submitted to an expedited arbitration to determine if the Employer
    has violated any provisions of this Section or if the change will result in a violation of any other
    provision of the collective bargaining agreement. The expedited arbitration will be handled by one
    of the arbitrators on the National Panel for that area.​
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    How bout we do away with YOUR job? That sound snazzy, or cold hearted like you do. Could UPS stay in business without your vast knowledge of every facet of every operation?
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    That was a little bit cold, Drew. These are people's jobs and lives we are talking about.
  11. drewed

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    Im just saying a job no matter what it is, is better then no job he wants the union to make UPS pop ft jobs out their ass at another location when more then likely thats not going happen, take a fair deal thats all
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    Drew that was cold, I agree with Helen on this one.
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    It seems strange because in my bldg. there is a list posted for extra work available at the DFW night sort. Unless I am missing something here. It could be just for peak, I did not look that closely at it.
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    Goal of management people is to say arrogant and not to mention entirely asinine things such as this and attempt to feel an authority outside the workplace and in.
  15. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    Almost surely for peak. The closing he/she said was Feb 8th.
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    Drewed, the following definition is from Wikipedia:

    Empathy is the capacity to recognize or understand another's state of mind or emotion. It is often characterized as the ability to "put oneself into another's shoes", or in some way experience the outlook or emotions of another being within oneself. Empathy does not necessarily imply compassion, or empathic concern because this capacity can be present in context of compassionate or cruel behavior.

    I have to agree with the others that your response was cold.
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    I hope for the best...Good luck
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    Drew,dont try to backtrack now. you are an arse !

    #1 any employee,me you,or this poster would rightfully be in panic mode if in this economy we heard any kind of rumor about losing work in our centers.Then for it to actually happen,everyone has the right to panic an think the worst.I think the union an its members has rights and ups will act on those rights in a fair manner. This volume will be absorbd in another center an i hope everything works out that these workers who want to move are allowed to.

    Good luck the the workers in the columbia ,sc and DFW hubs/centers.Keep us posteed as to what is going on and how its being handled.
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    Aricle 38 of the National Master Agreement has already negotiated, unlesss there is additional supplemental language in your conference, there is no further negotiations for a good deal.

    As far as the company is forcing you to change your lifestyle, many UPS employees changed their lifestyle, during their careers. Your job at UPS is what you make it, some employees choose to move on in their careers by choice, some are affected by change of operations.

    Through the years of district and region consolidations to streamlines expenses, many non management and UPS management employees have dealt with this type of situation. And choices had to be made, as to accept a new position and adjust to a new job, or pursue a career with another company.

    You are being impacted by a change of operations, but based on your seniority, my guess will be you'll have a choice of a new position at a UPS facility in your district.

    May not be what you prefer to do, but at least you will still be employed, have your benefits, and provide for yourself and family. Now in today's economic mess, with massive layoffs, in my opinion, is a blessing.

    And if and when the economy ever turns around, the facility is still there and the sort can be re-opened. It all about volume and jobs, and always has been.
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    It's just the NDA Sort operations that are being relocated to Worldport indefinitely. The release leaves the room open for that volume to be moved back if volume picks up again to warrant it.

    These packages will continue to be handled by Teamster employees, simply at another location.

    As for other shifts and other sorts at both DFW and CAE, they will still be fully operational.

    I am uncertain of what provisions are being made, but I would imagine that a lot of these positions would be moved to the sort operations if the employee was interested, through normal attrition.

    At this time it is more economical for the company to consolidate NDA operations at World Port because of volume. Other packages will continue to flow through these locations.

    This will not affect our customers and is designed for a lower cost to serve our customers.

    I'm sorry that you found out in the way that you did. I believe that there will be more information for you as well as how it will affect your job and what provisions will be made for other shifts at a later time.