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    Ok here goes.

    I am part time. I currently work on the Twilight Shift/Preload/PAS.

    I have been with UPS since 2001. There are about 7 Part time employees in my area and 5 full time combos.

    Three weeks ago we had a meeting. We were told by industrial engineering, the sort supervisor and preload management that we were going to be going to a new system which would help keep UPS competitive. (More about this later)

    The new system called iSpa or EyeSpa, who knows, eliminates basically four people from my area. Currently hub employees sort the slide to four belts, a person such as myself then scans the package which runs downstairs to another slide to be sorted to the cages. With iSpa, they are kicking me to the curb by equipping the hub sorters or metro sort with portable ring scanners and printers. They will now be required to scan the package, slap a label and then sort it to the correct belt.

    This is all fine and dandy, but the way UPS and management is going about letting the part timers know what we will be doing is :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ty at best.

    I have been asked to move to Preload in the morning to load trucks or I can stay on my current shift and will be thrown out into the hub "as needed". I have spoken with the Preload manager and have not received any clarification about getting into a preferred job in the hub. I have been with UPS for almost 7 years and refuse to be thrown into outbounds. With some notice I could have bid into the hub into a job that I would be somewhat happy with. UPS management has yanked us around not giving us any details as to what is going to happen. I have heard rumours about keeping some part timers and not displacing everyone.

    I guess my questions are:

    Is there anything in the contract about displacement? Should I be given a list of available jobs and allowed to pick from what is available?

    Is there a specific set of guidelines that are to be followed when ones job disappears?
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    No thoughts?

    FAVREFAN Member

    I have seen part-time employees with 25+ years displaced by combo's with 7-8 yrs. in my building. Blame the union. It's in the contract. As far as where you should go in the hub......better talk to your BA or steward asap.
  4. you guys are just getting PAS I take it (from what you were saying). We have the iSpas too (in addition to the big computer rigs in the sort isle). We run the same amount of people but dispersed differently from what I could tell (when we went on PAS).

    I would definitely talk to your steward. If you've been with the company 7 years I highly doubt they can just toss you around like that. They will though if you let them get away with it. I believe you should be able to bump anyone with less seniority than you that has a job you want in the hub. If its a bid position you may have to wait (contract gurus help me out here) but I'm not positive about that.

    I'd definitely keep on them and get in touch with your steward immediately. Kicking you off the shift with possibly the best hours for one with the worst doesn't seem possible to me for with information you've provided, but then again, nothing at this company surprises me anymore.
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    You need to talk to your stewart about the list that you should have been on to pick what job you wanted the stewart should have had a bid list if you werent put on the list have a sit down with your stewart and manager about where you want to be placed. you need to go at it strong and dont be soft or you wont be taken seriously. make some nosie!!!:biting:
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    What is a stewart?

    Is that stewie on Family Guy?

    It has been pushed back another week or so due to the fact that they don't have enough batteries for the printers.... :whiteflag:
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    Well day sort tried to run the new system today and had to quit halfway through because it pretty much blows.

    We were also informed by the union (even though management had repeatedly denied it) that if we were moved to the hub when the system was implemented, we would have our choice of jobs and could bump any junior seniority person. This made me happy as I could find myself doing something even easier than what I do now.

    The 22.3's in the building that are being displaced will have their pick of 22.3 pt jobs. As long as they butt up against one another they basically get to create their own bid, they were all thrilled about that.

    This displacement thing may not be so bad afterall....
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    You don't make any sense to me; maybe my comprehension problem, but why is it you said you work twi/preload/pas. twi to me is evening, preload is AM. Then in the next sentence you said you'd get moved to preload...when prior to that you said you were ON preload. You moved to what you were doing....uh ok ;p

    I am having no success understanding this, unless you have different preload shifts
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    I am assigned Preload.

    I work Twilight shift in the Preload section, scanning packages for the charge aisle, all staffed by Preload employees.

    Get it?
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    No, I've never worked in a hub, so that's probably why. I'd like to help but, ...:knockedout:

    At least you're happy now and getting a more desirable job!

    And PS could be worse...

    I bid over a year ago ( I'm a 22.3) on a job in 2007, wasn't moved at all, and this past month bid again in 2008 before the other move the past year even happened.... they're overlapping now...

    'Gotta love UPS.