Do customers call in and complain about you ?

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  1. What bothers me the most about complaints is our 800 number is such a royal pain, they pushed buttons through the whole ordeal to get ahold of someone just to bitch.

    A couple customers on every route I've ever done insist to management that I'm an :censored2::censored2::censored2:hole.... I'm known for not being a super smiley, pleasant person but I'm not rude. I show up to places around the same time every day. Every customer is Good afternoon, or good morning. I just need you to sign here please. Thank you and I'll see you tomrrow. If a customer needs something early, or late pickup or something put in a different area I gladly help them with it. I'm never consciencely rude. I have a heavy commercial route with 5 vets offices. Vets offices hate me for some reason :/

    They all get dogfood which is 8-10 50lb boxes per day. 3 of the offices get 15-20 packages every single day. I split the heavy dog food boxes up from the rest of the stuff to help the girl in the front, take a signature, say thank you and leave. Typically holding the door for someone on the way out. Their management calls from time to time to complain about my shortness and rudeness when I'm in there. These are all stops around 1 in the afternoon in 100* heat with humidity and i'm soaked and fighting 250lbs of :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: every day up their front stairs. I dont have a bad attitude I'm just very hot and exhausted. One of my pickups is a print shop, he's never ready at the scheduled time but bitches if I'm 5 minutes later than the sched time. I sit and wait, loading his 40+ boxes of paper and books and he has the nerve to bitch when I'm a little short with him, signing the end of day and getting the hell out of there. I've got a Mercedes dealer that complains about me being short tempered or aggrivated with them when I pickup their boxes every day.

    I'm truely a neutral guy, I show up, work, speak politely, just trying to finish up and get home to my family. Come in the next day to hear someone has bitched can ruin my whole morning. This is peoples livelyhood they're messing with over nonsense. I go above and beyond to not speak to anyone, I'm polite but I dont give a damn outside of me moving on with my day. I NEVER EVER bitch about my job, nobody wants to hear someone else complain about their job and I know this. Some people want to carry on a conversation. Yep my weekend was great thank you. I'll see you tomorrow. Yep it's hot out there. Yep I am all wet, yep it's raining today. No I dont know whats in the package and the shipper didnt put their name on the box, I'm sorry. Yep, it's Christmas time, yep it's busy.
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    Do you please every one out in the rest of the world? It's not possible. Just keep doing what you're doing. Be courteous to even the worst of them. Let them call management to complain ,don't argue it yourself. It's all you can do.
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    As Carwashers, we don't interact with the Customers, but sometimes they write "Wash Me" on the trucks. Or is that the drivers??? Hmmm.
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    wait,, your pt? i guess your no longer relevant...
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    The customer is always right even if they are wrong. Try and be happy and never complain in front of the customer. You are just a blip on their radar screen of a day and they aren't usually looking for a buzz kill.
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    they call in and report sex appeal on a daily basis.
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    I used to player hate on peeps like you but after so many years on same route I hav come to agree with the way you run ur route. My problem and prolly yours too is the center team heaps work on you cuz they know you can squeeze it in better than any other mayb even the runner gunner that subs 4u. You "move with out delay" so if you have a center team that understands that and backs you up on those customer concerns then dont freak about it.
    I get plenty of complaints but usually are for my DBag neighbor route, so his customers come to me with ARS's and most everything else cuz he's a jerk to them but my center manager wont do anything aboot it.
    Shoot your route could be worse right?
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    Haters gonna hate.. potatoes gonna potate
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    I think Dillacow could better describe my feelings on this statement.
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    All crops must rotate!
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    I'm full-time Article 22.3 since the year 2000. Started as a part-timer over 36 years ago, before a number of current UPSers even existed.

    Which makes me at least semi-relevant.
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    Customer complain all the time. The driver didn't knock, they didn't wait long enough for me to get to the door, he was driving to fast, I need to my packages in the morning, etc. Your Sup has heard them all.

    As long as you don't get into a pissing match with the customer your fine.

    Last year there was a lady that called and complain day after day because the UPS driver would park in front of her house to deliver to a house across the street and her dog would go nuts. She said the UPS need to pay for her dogs Vet bill.
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    You get a couple complaints on every route you cover? Time to look in the mirror. I can count my complaints from 23 years driving on my Weenis.
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    My hero!!! :love:
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    Thank you for once again putting my inner most thoughts to words.
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    If these customers complain about everyone, well ok then. But if they're just complaining about you then it probably really is you.

    Way back when I was a cover driver a customer called and claimed that I was responsible for the death of her horse and wanted UPS to pay for it....
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    Haha...that brings to mind a story from last summer. I am wandering around in a resort village trying to find a particular house number. There is not one to match the delivery. I notice a little old lady out on her porch in the general area of the number I am looking for. It turns out to be her that I am looking for. I politely mention that if she had her proper number up I would find her every time. She says it is up. It wasn' was here neighbors. We are related she says. Do I know that? Anyway getting to the was a 120lb cabinet. I say it is real heavy.....meaning do you want me to put it somewhere for you so you don't have to move little old lady. Yes she says.....put it on my neighbors porch. It is raining and she doesn't want it to get wet.
    Story does not end there.........the next day she catches me at the local gas station. She said the driver yesterday.....ME.....was rude and complained too much about her house number and how heavy the package was. WHAT? I was shocked......I was nice as could be. It guess it is all a matter of presentation. I explained my position and what I meant be telling her the package. I deal with much heavier packages than that and I learned to deal with them. We parted ways amicably.
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    What I really hate is the customers who call in and accuse me of parking in front of their house, carrying the package up the steps, and leaving a delivery notice on their door....without knocking or ringing the bell.

    If they would call in and just be honest and say "I really need that package, I must have been in the bathroom or something when he knocked, could he pretty please make another delivery attempt today?" I would usually be more than happy to go back there. But when they accuse me of intentionally refusing to knock or ring the bell when I have already gone through the entire process of trying to deliver their package, it is both dishonest and an insult to my intelligence.
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    Don 't use that tone of voice with me.